OP Sequence

OP: 「No.6」by Miku Itou

「 商売仇を蹂躙せよ」 (Shoubaigataki o Juurin Seyo)
“Annihilate Your Business Rivals!”

Although only two weeks in, I do believe the anime augurs are clear: Konosuba Sentouin won’t be. Hoping for a similar degree of isekai shenanigans? Greener pastures are further afield, but I wouldn’t say that’s entirely a bad thing for this show. Sentouin will be all about forging its own path, and I’m cautiously optimistic the results will be worth the price of admission.

Much as mentioned last week, with Agent Six and Alice now firmly planted into the world of knights and demons, it’s all isekai from this point onward. Case in point being our two world travellers’ first mission in blunting the oncoming demon hordes – and oh yes, it was a mission that didn’t go entirely to plan thanks to the joys of party composition. Per traditional Akatsuki Natsume writing, a party isn’t complete without batshit crazy members, and Alice and Six got that courtesy of new recruits Rose and Grimm. Rose for example is just your cutesy mixed breed chimaera – except one with an origin story eerily similar to FMA’s infamous puppy dog scene and a hilarious love of anything with a modicum of meat (hey, if it’s a power up it’s a power up!). As for Grimm, well, I think backfiring curses and an ability to rise from the dead do enough to help paper over her pathological want for a boyfriend/husband/any sort of male company. Mostly. In terms of previous introduction Snow, no need to mention her at this point, I think we know how that knightly personality is going to play out.

Outside of humour though, where Sentouin has work ahead of it is definitely in terms of story. While Alice’s and Six’s mission is clear, we don’t really have a good understanding of how they plan on going about it or even have much information on their apparent enemy in the Demon Lord’s Army. The first major members were revealed this week with two of Demon Lord’s Elite Four in Heine and Gadalkand for example, yet we’re still pretty much in the dark: just who is the Demon Lord? What is he after? Will Six get the demon girl calendar he’s clearly aiming for? The comedy might be delicious (depending on personal taste of course), but I’m hoping Sentouin can put some meat on its bones to help flesh out its premise.

The good news at least is that’s what we should start getting into next time. Dungeon raiding with this gang of schizophrenic misfits? Why yes darling, my sides are ready.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Home Sweet Home」by Alice Kisaragi (Miyu Tomita), Snow (Sayaka Kikuchi), Rose (Natsumi Murakami), Grim (Minami Takahashi)



      1. Is that the make? If I were to actually guess (without knowing a damn thing), I’d have gone with Remington. But the shotgun that was always kept in the trunk in books I’ve read was the Ithaca (e.g. Joseph Wambaugh cop books) so that’s my default.

  1. No. 6: “This country has so many scumbags that I look like a good guy by comparison.”
    Me: Clearly you haven’t seen the Gioral Kingdom from last season’s Kaiyari. You’re a saint compared to those f**kers.

    Random impressions:
    – Hooboy, can’t wait to see this scene in full. The opening is such a tease.
    – Aww yeah, best immortal Christmas cake is here!
    – Ah, I see groping oppai is No. 6’s way of promoting “gender equality”…
    – I thought Heine was voiced by Yoko Hikasa at first, but after doing some research, it turns out she’s actually voiced by Asami Seto? Eh?! Give Heine a bunnygirl outfit!

    Yeah, I know it is unfair co compare it to KonoSuba, but the comedy in Sentouin, Hakenshimasu comes pretty darn close so far. Can’t wait for further shenanigans next episode.

    1. That looks like Heine has a bit of “extra” similar to the demon general in the Konosuba movie, albeit pretty small from Alice’s reaction in that pic.
      Didn’t sound like Yoko Hikasa at all who we could hear in this week’s Vivy episode as murder android. Didn’t recognize Asami Seto though.


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