「礼子の夏」 (Reiko no Natsu)
“Reiko’s Summer”


I felt like we were properly introduced to Reiko on this week’s episode. We did experience her through Koguma’s point of view, but this was the first time we got to dive a little deeper into her psyche. What we discovered did not disappoint. Our episode, much like the first introduction we got from Koguma, starts with an important assessment Reiko has about herself:

“Ever since I was a child, I felt like there were walls up. They would hem me in and prevent me from doing whatever I wanted. High unseen walls. I wanted to climb over those walls. So I began living on my own. Then, after that…”

Reiko grew up feeling constricted. Perhaps by her parents? Society? Both? The source is unspecified, but the outcome prevails and turns into motivation: she wants to challenge herself and see what’s possible for her. I’ve confirmed that my first impression of her was not too far off. She was actively choosing to be alone and now it’s clearer that it was due to not relating with her peers and their interests. School life is mainly orbited around the social aspect of it: the cliques, the connections and these are things that don’t interest her at all. Which is more than ok (and super relatable for me).


“After my string of failure these last few days, I’d even forgotten how to smile. (…) Why, when I was doing something this fun, did it feel like I was being made to suffer by some despicable enemy?” 

Reiko’s character strikes me as goal oriented rather than process oriented. Can you see the difference? I’ve also noticed how Koguma stops and appreciates smaller things more than Reiko. Sure, they’ve had a big difference in screening time, but I think the director is trying to show us something with this. Reiko’s hard-headedness, the rock n’ roll tracks, speed, the crashes, the fixation. She wants to get there, she has the vision, the goal, the finish line and she’s going full speed. To the point that it feels a bit reckless. Could she have avoided a few of her crashes if she hadn’t been in that mode? I think yes.

“You can’t stand yourself up to the mountain. You have to bring yourself alongside it.” said Shishou The Construction Boss. I really enjoyed his character and how he was looking out for her, asking questions, analyzing and trying to understand her while also giving time and space so she could figure herself out. He’s a hiker who’s climbed Mt. Everest. I think he gets it.

Did she reach her goal? Nope. But she learned something about the process and that was worth it. She will come back and try again.


Another detail that I liked about Reiko’s character is her integrity and her personal value of being true to her word. While facing her insecurities and thinking about giving up, she’s reminded of her conversations with Koguma and what she told her friend: that she can go anywhere because she has her cub. Since the beginning of this show I have been curious to see how the main cast would challenge and support each other in their own individual processes and when Reiko was introduced, it was very evident how she would do that for Koguma. I’m glad to see how Koguma’s character is doing that for her—even if indirectly in this specific case.

Back to the present time, our lovely girls meet up at Reiko’s incredible cabin house. DIY box bed, mini garage, a to-die-for balcony with that Mt. Fuji view. Kogu-chan brings ingredients to cook Okonomiyaki for Reiko and my heart melted. They had a sleepover and this just reminded me too much of this (so I laughed) and then we got to see Kogu-chan supporting Reiko’s dream by telling her that although the idea is idiotic, she doesn’t believe that climbing Mt. Fuji on a cub is impossible, it can be done. Reiko is happy.

And now an actual motorbike license? I’m interested to learn more about that!

As always, many thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys in the comment section. Oh, and a mega apology about my delay in answering comments. Two weeks ago I got my hands on two new projects and since I love spending time here—meaning I don’t like to do it in a rush—I can take a bit of time to answer, but I always do~ 


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  1. I hope someone could explain this…

    Why did Reiko drive up the mountain so fast that her hair was waving in the wind? If she went slower, I think she could’ve avoided all those rocks.

    1. Maybe she needs to go fast because of the inclination? If the angle of the slope is too high I assume the engine would have to amp up the torque if it went slow, which would tax it in durability. So she might be countering it with greater speed and the generated inertia.

      Then again, I don’t know anything about cubs.

      1. After each attempt/day, you see her racing up the mountain higher and higher. I think that implies that she either memorizes where the rocks are from previous days or she removed the rock from the path. All she had to do was race up the mountain to the previous day’s stopping point and clear/scout the path to the next hairpin turn. She may run out of time before the climbing season ends, but at least her bike wouldn’t be wrecked.

    1. Hahahaha. It was nice to get to know her a little better, but as I said in the previous review, I actually enjoy Koguma’s POV a lot more. I wonder when we’ll be introduced to the third member of the cast~

  2. I had little trouble with these Flashback of her. Reminded me a bit of the Time jumps from Witcher TV Series Season 1. Also why she speed climb the Mountain?. But well, perhaps of the altitude sickness. But then i would follow the tracks of the Caterpillar. It’s own wight would had crush big stones on his way and easier for her to climb. Alone for the grip and stuff. But then yes, she could constantly shaking with her bike in this tracks.. But i would assume with the own weight and her Bike, she would carve their new path inside them.. but o well, This Episode wanted to show us her Willpower. But did not took much realism into check. I can live with that

      1. His crew was hiking! You can’t climb Mt. Everest on a bike.

        Perhaps she could’ve done a bit more research on driving bikes on mountainous terrains? All she did was adapt her bike so it “could” do the job.

        I’m really ignorant to these things though.

    1. I know I’m getting old because I thought Reiko was irresponsible and reckless and stupid this episode, not admirable. She clearly didn’t have the skill or equipment to achieve her goal and instead of stepping back and reflecting she’s not where she needs to be to do this yet she just threw herself at it again and again; damaging her bike and injuring herself repeatedly. She’s a school aged enthusiast, not a seasoned rider. She could have been seriously injured or killed. But it’s a TV show so we’re probably supposed to ignore that and be impressed at her being determined. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. I don’t think we’re supposed to ignore her behavior! Much the contrary, I think they make it a point to show how she’s actually being reckless and fixated on the goal when there’s more that can be taken from the process.

        It’s great that she has a goal, is ambitious and assertive. But she has a lot to learn. These qualities can easily backfire. She could’ve gotten into a pretty terrible accident.

        We don’t know much about her character’s past (I have not read the manga/novels), but it doesn’t seem like she has any sort of figure who she respects or looks up to. This roles seems to fall in the hands of the motorbike memoirs that she reads (?) and there’s only so much these can do for teenager.

        There’s positives and negatives to her behavior. You’re right to look at it skeptically rather than what you believe is expected of you as a viewer! Heck, I think that’s how we should all look at everything in life hahaha.

        1. Example: She had Mobile and could call for Help. Well sort of. I do not know if they have Mobile grid on the Top of Mt. Fuji. fixed-line sure, its a cable. But Mobile? Well, perhaps for the Worker around the Track


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