「黒竜激突」 (Kokuryuu Gekitotsu)
“Black Dragon Clash”

Oh Isekai Maou, may you never change. Adding boy bunnies to the alternate world harem? Not in the slightest. Although anyone could’ve seen Horn’s true sex given her ever so slightly haughty voice. As for robotic maid servants? Yeah, I think that one came out of left field – although the results are certainly going to be to die for. Just ask Lumachina about the ecstasy of meeting your maker.

As fully predicted at the end of last episode, Diablo survived and helped to once again save the day. Isekai Maou admittedly has no real twist on its basic strategy – i.e. Diablo outright murdering things with the power of introverted embarrassment max levelled abilities – but I kind of hoped we might’ve got something a little different for the dungeon’s grand finale. A fighting version of last week’s dancing if you will, since god knows there’s a good bit of unexplored potential between Shera, Rem, and Lumachina. Hell, we even had a good chance for it given Diablo’s somewhat chivalrous loss of clothing and staff both. Might just be down to the pacing of this season though; considering how quick many of the dungeon’s floors were swept through, there’s not much time to sit back and smell the roses.

The interesting bit, however, lies in where we’re going from here. Besides one lascivious bull answering how pesky thigh curses will be dealt with for a bit of arc concluding happiness, the main threat of this detour has now properly emerged courtesy of Varakness’ anticipated reappearance. There should be no real shocker here: Diablo will help Fanis with her demon problem, Fanis will let Lumachina indulge in her priestly desires in exchange, and both sides will probably amicably part ways. The Diablo fan club will certainly do their part in helping show who the true demon lord actually is (truly), but it’ll be one fight that I fully expect Diablo to solely conclude yet again. Well, except for whatever Fanis gets up to of course, but I’m not about to speculate on what could possibly be.

After all, given the plentiful visuals on hand of late, some things are better left to surprise.



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  1. …not much time to sit back and smell the roses…

    Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s not a pacing issue as much as it’s
    a huge missed opportunity for good story telling. Anyway…

    I laughed when he lost “everything” but his clip-on demon horns survived
    the fall into the drink!!! And of course the bunny is a girl — wouldn’t have
    it any other way!

    Now that L is all healed up, I’m hopeful for a meaningful replacement for
    these kinda shots
    Gonna miss
    (I hope I got the above html right)

  2. I can’t believe you actually consciously choose to blog this, don’t take me the wrong way I’m not judging your taste, but this choice is questionable.

    1. Why? From a blogging perspective I see it as a clever choice to pick shows that are intended to different audiences and the harem-ecchi is a niche that caters to an already established target group. Isekai Maou being the continuation to an already accepted and well-considered series seems to me like a most sensible choice at least when beginning the season.

      If anything, I believe that there are other shows whose picking is debatable considering the similarities between them and the limited number of shows that can be blogged. Specifically, I´m talking about Mars Red and Jouran. I believe taking one of the vampire stories and leaving the other spot to a show whose audience was not represented in the actual season list would have been a wiser choice, strategically speaking to help more people visit the site frequently. In fact, there is no proper representative of the shonen series despite three strong contenders like Shaman King 2021, Edens Zero and Iruma-kun being available.

      However, every writer is free to pick whatever they want and neither nor me can object to that and demand otherwise. This is something they do for fun, not work.

      Finally, as someone who enjoys series like this one I find your comment to be most disrespectful and offensive to those who are happy this show was decided to be covered.

      1. The issue for us with the shounen this season was time and availability. Iruma-kun for example would’ve been picked up if Enzo had more time in his schedule, while Eden Zero’s and Shaman King’s Netflix licensing put a few of us off from committing given the uncertain timing of fansub releases.

        It’s pretty much what happened with Godzilla S.P. and Tokyo Revengers, real life unfortunately got in the way of choosing them.

    2. I’m on record as stating I like this series so the choice shouldn’t be that surprising. As it also fell on a good day coverage-wise for me it made the decision all the easier. Just because a series is objectively trash (and I think few fans would deny Isekai Maou isn’t a masterpiece) doesn’t mean it cannot be fun to follow.

      Vand also highlights something I take into consideration for any show I ultimately pick to blog. This season for example my final coverage slot was between this and Full Dive, and Isekai Maou mostly won out due to the aforementioned above.

      1. As one who has read the LN and manga, I’m glad someone is blogging this series. I agree, the anime and series is no masterpiece by any means, but it’s entertaining and fun. The production values are relatively high for an Isekai and it’s one of those guilty pleasures where you can turn your brain off and enjoy. I thought I would be more pissed off with the cut content and pacing in this episode, but like last season, this series manages to stuff in enough key content to be passable against the source material. I agree with mac65, lots of missed opportunity for good story telling, but with these short 1-cour seasons, you do what you can. I can rant for hours on series that fail on the source material/pacing front….

        I’ll admit, I got pulled into Isekai Maou the by the art, animal girls, elves, and escapism (who doesn’t for Isekai?), but there is an underlying storyline below the fan service that has me curious to how it will end, hopefully not in disappointment as so many series play out. It’s why I’m keeping up with the LN.

        At the end of the day, it’s to each his/her/their own.

  3. That Lumachina/Shera shot could have been a full-length image. 🙁

    Maybe it’s just me, but this episode felt like Isekai Maou back to form. The amount of fanservice situations helped and the addition of Kaguya-sa…err Rose.

    1. If my image composition skills included such complex scenes I’d give full-length images, but sadly I’m not that savvy with em yet XD

      While the fan service is on point I feel like something is still missing right now, the sense of fun I got from the first season only seems to come in fits and spurts. Might be down to the pacing though, we don’t currently get a lot of the harem banter which graced the group last time.

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