「戦闘員、派遣します!」 (Sentouin, Haken Shimasu!)
“Combatants Will Be Dispatched!”

While I think it’s now firmly established that Sentouin won’t be rivalling Konosuba when it comes to isekai brilliance, I have to seriously contend this series for its consistency. Week in and week out gives just the right amount of humour and just the right amount of fun to keep me interested in seeing what comes next. The shine to take it to the next level may be lacking, but the starting point is still pretty damn high.

Given the sly teasing for the grand showdown this week, the only surprise is probably that it wasn’t as ridiculous as it could’ve been. Sure, we went places with Agent Six going full Doom Slayer and leaving Heine probably regretting even becoming an Elite Four in the first place (if showing the consequences of one-track minds wasn’t hilarious humiliating enough) while Grimm keeps on proving why you keep her sleeping, but you know more was possible. Collecting evil points through the total and absolute destruction of Snow’s pride and accomplishments? Only made better by doing it during the heat of battle for added misery and additional faces of suffering. Well, unless we consider Six’s headshot of a rejection because that is definitely going to leave a mark.

The real curiosity, however, is in what happens next given how this episode effectively acted as a bookend. Six’s truce with Heine for example can be taken as the time needed for Alice to get the transporter operational, which means Six’s and Alice’s official mission is now concluded. While Six has the issue of being negative on Evil Points (the consequence of being a big softie at heart), I don’t foresee that issue lasting too long once the breasts get fondled, the panties start flying, and Heine returns for the swimsuit calendar photoshoot. Thus the unknown of what comes next. Something is obviously going to happen, Six is clearly going to get caught up in some new insanity, but what will it be? That we will have to discover next week.

One way or another, this story has only gotten started.




  1. “Roll credits.” *ding*

    As much as I like the comedy in this series, having (somewhat) serious moments are a welcome break–not that it stops Akatsuki-sensei‘s signature comedic whiplash, like this scene. (Panties as white as…well, snow!)

    Had a chuckle at Grimm threatening to rip Heine’s boobs off with a curse. (Which reminded me of another translation/meaning for the phrase/ear worm “chichi wo moge“–“rip the breasts off”.)

    Also, I wouldn’t blame Heine if she pissed herself right then and there after the carnage she just seen (as well as seeing her fellow “Heavenly King” killed). And it turns out her Magicite did get destroyed by that mine… (Poor lady couldn’t catch a break before that truce.)

    Anyway, it’s gonna be interesting to see No. 6 and Alice further adjusting to life in that world, with No. 6 having borrowed “Evil Points” to use that chainsword-like thing. And it’s at this point (this episode, in general) where everything is new territory since the last chapter I read in the manga was somewhere before this.

  2. I also appreciate the stability of this show. Almost every episode is just enough fun and entertaining to watch. The plot is mostly irrelevant. It is more about the hilarious interactions between Agent Six and the rest of the cast.

  3. LOL at some of the faces in this episode, especially the princess.
    A kiss from Snow, huh. Six gets more attention from the girls than Kazuma, that’s for sure. Though Six and team ARE actually competent at what they’re doing.

  4. I am betting my romance radar that Heine is next to be added to the Six combat group (or rather harem…)
    As for the future developments I think that Six is trapped in unsolvable equation, where his softie heart is making him run eternal evil points deficit which only rarely gets balanced by some low key lewd deeds.
    I think he definitely will settle in the Isekai (planet XYZ 1234), and possibly even will start familywith Snow (come on Alice and Rose are already adopted daughters de facto)

    1. Right now I see Heine taking the turncoat role, she’ll never officially join the group, but gradually become a friend towards it. She works much better comedy-wise as an antagonist IMO given Snow occupies the position she would have within the group.

  5. While the author seems to revel in abusing Heine, the artists seem to love her. In addition to everything else, I think they’re doing a great job in giving her expressions hints of fear, uncertainty and trepidation, even when she’s promising death to Six and at the head of an army. Her haughty arrogance has abandoned her, never to be reclaimed — or at least perhaps, until she avenges her Waterloo.

    1. Definitely agreed, and it’s not just Heine either, some of the expressions Snow has are amazing at times. I hope this continues for the others when they inevitably get more screentime because nailing the expressions can do wonders for the comedy.

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