Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 6

「Sing My Pleasure -あなたを愛する」 (Shingu Mai Purejā -Anata o Aisuru-)
“Sing My Pleasure – I Love You”

Right in the feels with this one!

The sixth episode in the series has closed off the Metal Float arc quite unexpectedly. There was definitely a bit of Romeo and Juliet going on with this plot of course. The old church where they married, the tortured lovers, and their tragic deaths.

It’s just unfortunate that Vivy was placed in the crossfire. If you take it back a few steps, the result of this episode is a direct consequence of the Singularity Project. Had Estella and Elizabeth not saved the souls on the Sunrise, the remaining Sisters of the time, in this case, Grace, would not have been used for their immeasurable power. In Matsumoto’s timeline, Grace and Dr. Saeki become celebrities of their time but in this one, their love is but a memory.

I sympathize with Vivy. I can understand why she’s collapsed after seeing Saeki. For one, it’s traumatic to witness such horror but it must be worse to know that your actions were at the root of the suffering. But even worse, Vivy has had to continuously meet her Sisters and shut them down, one by one. That’s a lot to carry. Each Sister has allowed her to experience and learn new ways to ‘feel’, interact, or perceive the world. However, in return, she’s only ever caused their suffering. What a tortured existence she must have.

On another note, I absolutely loved this episode. The high-impact chase was so full of energy it was challenging to decipher what was happening at all times. But I thought it really clever to have Matsumoto lend a hand as some kind of altering cube mecha. This was probably one of my favourite episodes so far.

Episode 7

「Galaxy Anthem -歌でみんなを幸せにするために」 ()
“Galaxy Anthem – To Make Everyone Happy With My Singing”

It’s sad to see Vivy regress in this episode. The trauma she must have endured from seeing Dr. Saeki’s suicide, a direct result of her actions must have completely fried her wires. For this human, the pain was too great. He has a mission, just like she has, but because he failed, he chose to longer live. It was the same for Vivy. Her mission, not to be confused with Diva’s, is to protect humankind from the impending war that will befall if she doesn’t succeed. But in the process of this mission, she has directly harmed a human and many AIs along the way. In a way, she’s suffered the same pain that Saeki has, choosing to ‘kill herself’ (reboot) rather than carry the burden.

Meanwhile, Diva’s character is lively and well. The pop star AI is thriving only a few decades after the events on the island. She’s made it to the main stage, has a team of humans supporting her every initiative and event, and is closing for the famous Zodiac Signs Festival. The only thing is, Diva doesn’t sound like Diva. The cool-headed Diva we met early in the series is now communicating and interacting in an entirely different way. She’s warm-hearted, compassionate, confident in her ability, and a center of positivity. Although she has no recollection of the events that transpired decades back or the details of the Singularity Project, there is a part of her ‘subconscious’ (if I can call her coded data that) that does remember and translates the little bit of information into her ‘pet theories’. One of which is her ‘smile’ theory which she adapted from Estella.

It seems Matsumoto has never really left her side since she ‘froze’ and rebooted, always watching over her but now he’s returned with a mission. I do wonder if preventing Ophelia’s suicide will kickstart and jolt Vivy’s memory further. It will be interesting to see the complexity in Vivy now that she has this experience as Diva the superstar.

As a final comment, that tower doesn’t seem to be slowing down its progress at all…


  1. ep 06 Vivy, meet Blue Screen of Death
    ep 07 but why do i have those strange feelings and thoughts?

    it seems either Matsumoto is doing everything to actually start the war, or law of unintended consequences is doing its level best to throw wrench in his best laid plans…

  2. this is an amusing bug. everything from Ep 7 title down (including comments) is italicized Lol. poor Vivy )= hope she comes back stronger than ever soon

    regarding the tower, isn’t it actually slowed this time? the angle to see the top isn’t that high and considering it’s been 40 years since the Metal Float incident, that’s barely progress, if any. comparing to the height in Ep5, too

  3. I was speechless when i saw that their homage to Nier Automata in ep 6 extended to the shoot’em up section XD.

    Regarding ep 7 the “new” personality of Vivy seems more casual and human at the beginning, but soon you see the cracks, to the point of resembling something generated by an algorithm.

    Anyway it was funny to see how important Vivy is for Matsumoto’s mission, but i guess that at this point he is also actually fond of her.

    1. Looks like it. And while I thought that he was quite annoying in the first 2 episodes I’ve come to like him as well. He really was desparate when she jumped from the building.

  4. Just something to note about episode 6. They used Diva’s song in like 4 different ways in during the episode and it worked perfectly. That’s how you know, they made something good.

  5. Okay.

    I am begin to ask myself why now they bring back the Anti-AI Path, in this case with his Son or someone look alike

    Also, i wonder in how fast the attack on Vivy was done and this Red Eye Robot come around the corner. Would it had been the “Fairy” here and Vivy already changed the Time flow?

    But oh well, no need to dig that deep into these things, but i hope they try to avoid these little “Plot Holes”

    1. @MissSimplice

      Seems like you forgotten to deactivate this Font Style somewhere on your Writing. Look again if you forgotten some command, because this effect all comments, too

      i do not know if there is an Edit function for that


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