Notorious Sniper Lady Nagant.

Our chapter starts with an ominous conversation between Deku and Hawks. Our Top 2 mentions his concern regarding a certain woman. If Izuku is to encounter her, his plan of action should be to leave immediately. Of course we know that won’t happen and from last week’s chapter we also know that this is precisely who he’s facing off this week.

Former Pro Hero, long-range sniper Lady Nagant is Hawks senpai and probably the best sniper in Japan. 3km range. Pure skill. No locking ability and her arm turns into a rifle. Her bullets are made from fiber picked out from her two-colored hair and she can manipulate it into any desired shape.

Nagant seems to be part of past pro-heroes who were disheartened with the hero profession and whatever she did in response to this got her into prison and into Lord Vaformort’s AFO’s list of special candidates for his villainous army of Hell. In exchange for working with him she was granted the Air Walk Quirk and custody of an armless Overhaul, I suppose. I’m curious to see how he’s going to play out on this equation. As for Nagant, I believe she will prove to be one of Deku’s most fearsome foes. Having worked as a pro hero and being a villain means she has experience, strategy, strength and probably doesn’t give a dime about Deku being a kid. A battle fought in the air? I guess!

Thanks to The Fourth’s Danger Sense quirk Deku manages to deflect two of her bullets. But he actually catches one of them with The Fifth’s Blackwhip? Did I catch that right? Because she mentions Deku avoiding two bullets. But it definitely looks like he caught this one!?

And by the way, how incredible is the mood set by these darker night frames that Horikoshi (and his assistants) keep delivering? I can’t remember another manga that did action scenes during night-time like this. Man, what a feast.

Next week is too far away!


  1. I understand that you want to preview a photo and discuss the chapter but you really cannot show the actual dialogue without some kind of filter. Again, I hadn’t read the chapter but seeing who that person is was a real shocker.

  2. “And by the way, how incredible is the mood set by these darker night frames that Horikoshi (and his assistants) keep delivering?” Well I can think of one reason why they’re doing this. This whole crisis reminds me of the Batman Arkham games, especially Arkham Knight which spanned all of Gotham instead of just a portion of it. And of course since I’m talking Batman, the fall of society as a whole, coupled with the kind of paranoia the Joker would be proud of, is one clear inspiration, which worked especially well with that fox-quirk lady being nearly hurt by those people who suspected her to be a villain. That kind of atmosphere, made more immersive by the rainy night, is one that’s central to Batman. I guess Horikoshi picked up Batman as an inspiration for the current events and vibes after Spider-Man’s inspiration drove a lot of the plot so far in terms of youthful heroes and their growth.

    1. Hot damn! I never got to play the Arkham series, but I’ve seen bits and pieces of clips on the internet. After reading your comment: am I going to drown into the blackhole of YouTube gameplays? Maybe. Possibly. Yes.

      It really matches the aesthetic. I find it pretty awesome that Horikoshi pulls so much inspiration from American comics. For so long it felt like it was always the other way around. But I’ve always found that there’s much more to be found when an exchange happens on both sides.

      I hope we get to see more cases and scenes like the fox-lady and give a deep dive into Nagant’s backstory. I think Izuku’s position will strengthen a lot more once he is able to truly understand and see from a villain’s perspective (not agree with them, but understand). As well as see where society, the government and heroes are failing.

      Thanks for sharing your personal observations, I loved reading them!

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