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In this week’s chapter of BNHA we witnessed the death of Hercules and All Might’s Conqueror’s Haki. Nah, I’m joking about the latter. Though it was the first thing that popped in my head with the way Horikoshi illustrated Toshinori’s determination and commitment to Deku. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the man also managed to send a distress signal of sorts?

Izuku’s quick thinking and over analytical nerdy brain is one of my favorite things about him and I’m glad to see this shine. I know BNHA is the origin story of hero Deku and how he became “the best hero”, yet it’s nice to see that although we are heading in the direction of immeasurable strength, his brains are not to be overlooked nor taken for granted. With the realization of Nagant’s leverage thanks to AFO, Izuku changes tactics and uses Full Throttle, his new signature move with The Sixth’s Quirk: Smokescreen. A great name considering some other ones, like Delaware Smash Air Force and One For All: Full Cowl Shoot Style, have me rolling my eyes pretty hard. Are you seriously going to yell that mid-battle?

Distracting Nagant with some decoys—R.I.P Gran Torino’s Cape, The Yellow Backpack (that could’ve possibly been hiding a Kacchan, there goes my last hope) and The Hero’s Mask—we then become spectators to a well known phenomenon from any Shonen Jump major success series: The “Unleashing Untrained & Risky New Techniques Mid-Battle”.

Unleashing Untrained & Risky New Techniques Mid-Battle

Fa jin, The Third’s Quirk which according to Wikipedia:

It means to issue or discharge power explosively or refining the explosive power, (…). Jìn (勁), or “power”, is often confused by Westerners with the related concept of jīng (精), which literally means “essence.” Jin describes the ability to generate force. (…). To generate the fa jin, according to the traditional explanation, it is necessary to transfer qi from dantian towards the limb or body part (e.g. shoulder, head, hip) that will perform the technique with explosive force (bàofālì 爆發力). (…). In terms of biomechanics, fa jin is a matter of utilizing body alignment and coordination to form an extremely efficient kinematic chain. The body begins in a relaxed physical state, which is then quickly accelerated in a coordinated whole-body movement.

This seems like a type of power that works with bringing awareness to specific parts of the body. If my assessment is not too far off, I can see it having a positive effect on Deku better handling OFA! And if he really managed to initiate close combat with Nagant, it’ll be interesting to see how this will play out. I suspect she will prove to be an outstanding fighter face-to-face.
Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve been forgiven and that y’all will allow me to be reborn from the ashes lying at the foot of the spoiler stake (it was well deserved though hahaha). Have a great week everyone!


  1. This Fa-jin you mention here, about “controlling the Limbs or send trough Power”, remind me of Claire from Claymore in how she also focus only to release the Limbs and maintain her Sanity with all her might on the Rest of her Body. So she could use Quick-sword and all other Awaken Special Powers without losing her Humanity

    1. Funny Fact, The 2nd in Ranks of the Claymore teaches her that. You know the one with Elf alike spike Ears and the insane Sword Speed that even can slice Cut Water


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