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Storytelling-wise, this was a fantastic chapter. It’s thanks to chapters like Scars, Blood & Mud that we are able to truly immerse into the narrative and worldbuilding of a story. Due to the intricate details our dive goes deeper, we get to look further into where we are going whilst still being able to turn over our shoulders to see where we came from.

All I am is a man.” What a misfortune for society that the individuals with real practical ground experience are now the ones being ostracized and forced into supporting roles. Heroes such as Death Arms, who despite his own personal motives were indeed looking out for people’s best interest, are now resigning from their positions. Society’s strong hero forefront has gone underground. With no higher ups or governing agencies overseeing operations, the remaining heroes have taken matters into their own hands. Bypassing bureaucracies, they’re pragmatically figuring out what questions need to be asked, which tasks need to be prioritized, and the best course of action. However the numbers are not enough.

Mt. Lady’s question was a pertinent one: why does AFO refrain from announcing the truth about Midoriya Izuku? We haven’t been given any real indication as to the reason behind this, but it could have something to do with him not wanting any extra competition in the race for OFA. With a Quirk that is passed through will, it wouldn’t be too hard for someone to try to get leverage over Deku to gain his powers. And on that note, I wonder why AFO hasn’t taken this route yet. Say, kidnapping Inko? Maybe it wouldn’t work because even though willing, it would still be somewhat forced? I digress.

The space between where you smile and hide.

Though one thing about his strategy is evident: he wants to wear down Deku, both physically and psychologically. Breaking Deku’s will guarantees an easier path toward his acquisition of OFA. Regardless of whether or not AFO wants information about Deku to be made public, the path has been laid; the media is connecting the dots, civilians are noticing Deku, and some are beginning to associate his multiple Quirks with AFO. The pressure on Izuku’s shoulders will get heavier with each passing chapter and, mark my words, he will crack. Subsequent to his own personal burden, self-sacrificing character, over analytical brain, and newly added public pressure, if Horikoshi’s not aiming for a mental breakdown at some point we’ll surely come to see a near death experience. Deku will have to come to terms with the fact that he needs help. He can’t do this all by himself, people will get hurt, they will die, but that is not his responsibility to bear.

This chapter’s scene between All Might and Deku was a brilliant parallel with the hospital scene between All Might and Nighteye. Barely out of a severe surgery, barely able to stand yet ready to go out and die, All Might demonstrates the very same reckless abandon we see in Deku now. Bakugo once rejected Izuku’s helping hand, but will Deku reject Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite’s? (his hero name should just be Kacchan, bye).

And what of Stain? Has AFO gotten his hands on him? Is he acting on his own? I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been eager for his return. Oh, and before I forget: Horikoshi had an intention when he showed Endeavor ignoring Shouto’s call. Perhaps trying to find the missing elder Todomochi could potentially lead the heroes to Shigaraki/AFO!


  1. Nice analysis! I definitely agree with your observations on how Deku is being pushed by AFO until he breaks. Online I’ve also seen a lot of people that feel like the story is being rushed and is losing some of its coherence, but I feel like it might be a stylistic decision. Since we are experiencing this story with Izuku, and everything is happening so quickly for him as well. A few months ago he was happy in school and now he is being pushed and hunted by the countries greatest villains! The way the story is being framed now, we get that same sense of being rushed and confused as Izuku.
    What do you think?

    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to tell me what you liked about the analysis and I loved what you had to add!

      I’m pretty on board with you on that one. I definitely see the pace that’s been set as a stylistic choice on Horikoshi’s part. Not every narrative has an obligation of being completely linear. Us readers being thrown into this chaotic society through Deku’s perspective–who’s now acting as a sort of isolated vigilante–really sets the mood. Like you said –> confusion, race against time, not enough, too much, what’s going on’s and where is everyone?!

      I don’t think the story is incoherent at all. If anything, I think everything that’s happening now is logically interconnected with what has happened so far. Horikoshi is withholding certain events, information and is purposely not showing us characters he knows we love and now dearly miss! But, when he does, can you imagine the different impact it will have? It will be so thrilling, and exciting!

      Regardless, it seems like both of us will be thoroughly enjoying our time!

  2. The final spread of Deku gave me the shivers. I thought Deku’s costume was kinda funky and looked ridiculous; I will have to eat my own words, that spread on Deku was damn cool. As for Deku’s mental situation, I have no doubt that the class of 1-A or (2-A by this point) will be the offer of help that Deku will need since this manga is titled: My Hero Academia. I would like to imagine the class working hard to better themselves to be of aid to Deku since they are also privy to the information on One For All. Dynamight to the rescue!!

    1. I can absolutely imagine all of class 2-A pumping each other up, training extra hard by themselves and also developing new combo attacks with each other. These kids will be an immense support system for Izuku and also prove themselves individually as great heroes. Aizawa’s going to be extra proud 8)

      I’m going to be so emotional when Kacchan comes back, I miss his screams so much…

      And damn, I could absolutely get a poster of that last Deku spread. SO COOL!

  3. This chapter was by far the most emotional chapter yet.

    I was shocked when I found out Death arms retired. He always seemed to be the most dedicated, but seeing him so defeated and broken was sad. Heroes are still human, and this chapter is a tragic reminder.

    For someone with minimum page time, Mt Lady has grown so much since chapter one. From fame hungry vixen to dedicated hero. Yeah she did take her job a little seriously before, but her time with Lurkers and her actions during the war we see her become more selfless, and willing to sacrifice

    Everyone thinks AFO will steal OFA but he knows his old body cannot handle that power. Which is why he is playing the role of main badguy while Tomura is still healing. He is wearing Deku down to the point that it will be easier for the AFO quirk possessed Tomura to steal OFA.
    And Deku…what can I say? Deku has been scarred physically and emotionally. His hero complex has gotten worse and now he is pushing All might away. Just like how All might pushed everyone he cared about away because in his mind he was trying to protect them. But it was the opposite.

    All might finally realised this but he could not find the words to say it. Deku is going to breakdown, and it will be very hard to watch.

    1. Due to Mt. Lady’s short screen/panel time she was still quite underrated. But I think after this week’s chapter more people have taken notice of her quiet yet beautifully written character development.

      This Final Saga of BNHA will continue to be a thrilling and emotional ride for all of us, readers and characters! At least we have each other for mutual support hahaha.

    1. So true!! Man, this new saga has been a feast for the eyes. I keep sending some random panels for my older brother to try to get him to read the manga, because he gave up after watching the first season of the anime. I keep telling him “don’t watch the anime, read the manga, it’s got more seinen-ish vibes and the pacing is very different.”

      Don’t get me wrong, I love watching anime and I keep up with the BNHA anime, but both have very different moods. This artist colored some of the manga panels and it looks incredible, yet it’s still not the same.

  4. Not only is Inko a target for AFO but Ururaka being in love with Deku makes her a target too.. Toga knows about them and it is possible AFO does too. Speaking of Toga, we have not heard from her in a while and if somebody is good at infiltration it is her. Toga and AFO may be able to take Inko or Uraraka at a moments notice if they think it will be the event that breaks Deku.
    I don’t think it is a coincident that All Might never formed deep relations with anybody, he knew that anybody he formed bonds with would be a target for AFO.

      1. Hm… I’m still not sure. I think AFO hasn’t taken Inko or anyone else as a hostage for other reasons. To be honest I’m still not sure if I think he will. This man has been alive for hundreds of years, he’s a brilliant self-centered megalomaniac strategist. The case of Tenko Shimura was a very specific opportunity that presented itself and his main target was adult All Might. He never went for Tenko’s father when he was a child (Nana’s son).

        Part of me wishes that he won’t go for Inko just because it’s too petty and obvious, choosing instead to break Deku through pressure and cases like Nagant. But we’ll see!

        All of that is speculation.

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