Cold-hearted or practical? Imagining the thoughts lurking behind those sharp eyes can be scary.

A quick trip down Tsushima’s memory lanes takes us back to an encounter he had with an elderly man who showed him nothing but kindness. The episode serves as a quick setup for why Tsushima will probably have difficulty adjusting to his new environment and provides context hor his name. Unlike the other cats, his mannerisms and habits fall in line with that of a street cat. His only thought is survival and his trust in humans is minimal.

This is a pretty straightforward episode not leaving much to the imagination but it does leave you wanting to know more. We’re presented with an independent tabby who sees the world in black and white. The hope is that his world becomes a little more colorful now that he’s found a home.

Since these are pretty short, I think this is officially my last coverage of Ore, Tsushima for this season. Enjoy the rest of it!

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