You’ve got a friend in me.

After months of waiting, we are thrown back into U.A. And as expected, class 1A–being held back from graduation–was not happy with how Deku left letters things and went rogue. In Bakugou’s letter fragments we can catch glimpses of an apology, a thank you and perhaps a wishful thought of being together again. また一緒 (mata issho), “together again”. Almost ironic if we look at Izuku’s solo approach to the whole situation. How can one build anything meant to be shared, to want to be together and yet actively separate, distance?
All Might also failed in that instance which in turn resulted in his failure as Izuku’s teacher. Bakugou serves the truth, All Might and Deku together are a recipe for (self) disaster. How could Toshinori ever teach Izuku how to prioritize himself if that’s something he never did? The save to win mentality is not too different from a blind person trying to cross between two buildings on a walking rope. Whereas the extreme spectrum of winning to save is selfishness and its terrible consequences on those around us (and ourselves).

As number one Hero and main strategist, Endeavor takes this miscalculation as a heavy blow and personal failure of his. I find it disheartening to see how much bashing his character gets amongst fans of this series. One of the reasons why I enjoy Enji’s journey so much is because he feels very human. Even though he’s made the conscious decision to be better, he still gets things wrong every now and then, and that is too close to home. What is the rational explanation behind it? Because what I see is an inability to distinguish between behavior and identity, which are far from being the same thing. Think about it this way, have you ever told a lie? Yes. Does this mean you’re a liar and that all you ever do is lie? No. Does this mean people should always be skeptical when talking to you, questioning whether or not you mean everything you say? No, right. This is not only about a fictional character, it’s about a fundamental mistake that can be found in different scopes of our social interactions and stands in the way of generational healing.

Principal Nedzu proposes a different plan: to bring Deku back to U.A. and protect him from inside this new mysterious ‘barrier’. Now equipped with Endeavor’s GPS, class 1A make their move and track the number one most stubborn friend in Japan. For all the positive effect he’s had on his friends (more directly Todoroki, Iida, Uraraka and Bakugou), Deku doesn’t really know how to be someone’s friend. He is a great friend to others (even when they don’t want to be his friend), but when it comes to him, suddenly there’s an invisible line drawn. His friends will do for him what he did for them–they’re gonna meddle.


    1. I think we should just call him Issueku by this point lol. I’msoembarrasingkkkk
      This is how I’m envisioning next week’s chapter first this (which we pretty much saw a bit of in this chapter) and then this. Ha ha. I’m really looking forward! I also can’t wait to see if they’ll actually fight!

      You’re very welcome! Thank you too!

  1. I hope they fight.

    Not till death of course, but rather, because since I know Deku is such a wonderful tactician/strategist, he will figure out a way to put most of his class out of commission. Whether or not this breaks Uraraka’s heart remains to be seen, but it’s not gonna be pretty anyway.

    The only one who could withstand him is Katsuki, who operates by instincts and has arrived at the right conclusion that giving Deku no room to think is a good strat. It’s just obvious to me that Horikoshi-sensei is aiming at deep drama here, but deep drama isn’t gonna convince Deku to go back with his class, which he sorely needs, but rather a certain other situation I’m thinking of, IF the fighting circumstances would allow it (is Deku’s exhaustion not gonna stop him, or are the former OFA users not gonna pull the plug on his power so he’s relieved of his loner crusade, all these internet theories).

    I’m imagining a situation where the only thing that can bring Deku’s psychological status back to that of a normal, yet competitive and cheerful heroic teenager is to be reminded of the only desire he has other than becoming a great hero like All Might, which obviously hasn’t done his soul any favors. That being the desire to surpass Katsuki in fighting prowess, something which may bring a smile to his face despite his current circumstances. Oh but wait, what if, whereas before when Deku started at level 5 (figure speech) while Katsuki was far above him at 50, now OFA has risen Deku to level 100 while Katsuki is at level 60-70 at best? Would his victory against Kacchan taste great still? If Horikoshi-sensei can manage to find a believable way of making Deku actually enjoy fighting Kacchan (maybe dial up Kacchan’s fighting instincts? use his learning from Endeavor’s internship?), that would be amazing and still fit the plot of convincing Deku to reconsider his ways

    I have this unfortunate habit of uttering this theory I have of a path a story could take which would be mind blowing and awesome, but then the story takes another path altogether LOL. It’s just that sometimes when the story gets really good, it makes my mind fly off into theory crafting town.

    1. That sounds very plausible! I can absolutely see a scenario in which they end up in a face off of sorts. Perhaps due to Deku being so worn out his now 100 wouldn’t really be full potential? So even if (now) there’s an imbalance between both boys–Izuku possibly being stronger than Katsuki–this specific fight might prove to be more balanced, for sure arduous and dramatic, but leave some sort of opening for an unsatisfied Katsuki (Sports Festival Style) to demand an eventual rematch once Deku’s 100%. No doubt you’re on to something. It’s gonna be emotional, and Uraraka might get more screen time than we think.

      Oh! Please do share your theories, I love going down that rabbit hole! The only series I actually risk that territory is ASOIAF, but for manga I end up focusing on analysis of current content yet thoroughly enjoy myself whenever I come across theories by fans, such as Dad For One ha ha. I’m curious to know yours!

  2. I love the fact that Ochako came up with the uses to ask the principal to invite Endeavor to UA so they could confront him. The look of hardened determination in her eyes sent chills down my spine. She is going to help Deku whether he likes it or not

    And Bakugo acted as the voice of reason, calling out Enji for leaving Deku alone with All might and how he does not know Deku. He also calls out Deku for not smiling. Amazing. Bakugo learns to work with others while Deku pushes others away.

    Quick note: When class A went to meet Enji Bakugo is wearing his tie. Nice subtle hint of his growth since chapter 1.

    1. It was so cool to see Ochako owning up like that eh?! I can’t wait to see her shine a bit more in the upcoming chapters!

      And yes, yes, yes! Katsuki’s character development has been ace, the tie detail and even the way he expresses himself has come a long way (though he still remains a feisty little explodo-boy at heart). It’s almost like both boys have reversed roles a little bit, right? Now it’s time to find balance!

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