OP Sequence

OP: 「START!! True dreams」by (Liella!) [Kanon Shibuya (Sayuri Date), Keke Tang (Liyuu), Chisato Arashi (Nako Misaki), Sumire Heanna (Naomi Payton), Ren Hazuki (Nagisa Aoyama)]

スクールアイドル禁止!?」 (Sukūru Aidoru Kinshi!?)
“No School Idols Allowed?!”

What can I say? That I had a big stupid grin all through the episode, well I can certainly say that. Love Live! Superstar!! continues the wholesome train this week by inducing Keke and Kanon through an intense training montage. After not having their way with the student council president, they put on a protest abating their troubles against not being allowed to pursue what they want to practice, and the director of the school takes notice. And so, allowing them to pursue their dreams of becoming a school idol only if they win #1 at the school idol Fes.

Let the training montage begging. In this episode, we learned that Keke is actually really bad at sports, which caused me to giggle because she’s the one who had the most heart in the first place. Even going as far as suggesting she and Kanon change schools, and only on the second day no less! But through the will of Arashi Chisato (Misaki Nako) they take on this plight and give it their best, producing a song in the process.

This episode was quite something as it sort of fast forward through these two girls getting stronger, and becoming a better version of themselves. The running thread behind Kanon and Keke is that they will never give up. So they take it up with heart and face it full front. Thanks to this relentless work ethic, they both inspire each other and give it they’re all. Thankfully Keke is really, really good at school, spouting some math nonsense and getting it right, so at least that’s something redeemable to her character.

And let’s not forget how Ren silent stares at her computer, thinking that maybe it all actually looks fun!

It’s such a fun show to watch because there’s never a moment where it delves into a darker side of things, the story is maintained pretty peachy, sunny, and bright. But that’s what Love Live! has always been about. This episode was all about training and how bright both Keke and Kanon can shine. And also setting the stage for how serious the music program is within this school. And that’s important worldbuilding because it really solidifies the idea that this school is one of the best’s, and both Kanon and Keke have to take it as seriously as anyone from the music program would. Otherwise, it would bring the school name down. Things were laid out pretty on the nose by Hazuki Ren (Aoyama Nagisa) and it’s not without the words of this ice queen that Kanon and Keke wouldn’t take it that seriously. In fact, they sort of give me the vibe they need this kind of pressure to be able to bring themselves to reach for this opportunity while giving it their all.

The stakes are set, and it’s up to them to get there. We have yet to see anything of the blond girl, I’m just wondering how her personality will mix into the group. And I forgot to mention that Chisato makes her way to the cafe while rapping some lyrics, so I wonder if they’ll bring some of that D4DJ formula into Superstar!! That would certainly be a change of pace for Love Live!

I couldn’t help but notice this episode had really good music, and not just the music that was sung, as there were quite a few, but only snippets, possible of a future song we’ll get to hear in prospect, but the actual orchestral soundtrack was amazing as well. Love Live! Superstar! really goes for that high-quality music production, in both its soundtracks.

Nevertheless, we were left in cold stasis as the next episode will be airing until August 8th, because of the Tokyo Olympics. It’s not a total bummer as you can always kick off some anime in your back catalog but I just can’t help but feel a little bit of a stinge because of this, as I’m now looking forward to more Love Live! on Mondays. Let’s try and wait patiently for the next episode, and see what new songs and wonders it will bring.

ED Sequence

ED: 「未来は風のように」 (Mirai wa Kaze no You ni) by (Kanon Shibuya (Sayuri Date))



  1. There was a short scene with Sumire (blond girl) where she was eating a crepe (I think?) while trying act like she was cutely enjoying it. I got a laugh at how she had shifty eyes before and after taking a bite.

    I don’t really know much about the characters other than these two episodes, but my guess is that Sumire is trying to show that she has a cute girly side?

    Whatever it is, we’ll find out soon enough. I will say that I have thoroughly enjoyed these first two eps and will definitely add this to my watch list!

      1. I felt like maybe she’s an influencer, or trying to be one. She wanted to be ‘caught’ being cute eating the crepe. I’m pretty sure the cream on her nose was deliberate, she wanted to be one of the girls other girls were taking photos of. Fits with her ‘don’t you know who I am’ earlier too.

  2. More Kanon funny faces and Keke is doing them too!

    It’s only a small sample size, but. after two episodes, Superstar seems to be much better than previous series. Nothing that happened so far seems forced to me.

  3. – I know Kanon is pretty fit and all but wow that girl’s strong, pulling that big cart even with Keke standing on top.

    – Keke may not have stamina yet but being able to listen to class while sleeping is an amazing talent.

    – Sumire’s probably testing if anyone will recognize her. She’s supposed to be an online streamer but who knows if they’ll follow that for the anime too.

    – It looked like Chisato gave off this semi-sad reaction when Kanon was assuming Chii-chan wouldn’t want to join the School Idol club since she’s already in the music school. Feels like a possible plot point.

  4. So I did a back-to-back watch of the first two episodes and the first thing that stood out to me was the vibrant, colorful backdrops. It helps that Love Live! Superstar!! is set in the Harajuku area (which includes the famous fashionista haven, Takeshita-doori, and the picturesque Omotesando Street), considered to be THE trendiest spot in Tokyo.

    Character-wise, seeing Kanon play the guitar and belt her tune did make me wonder if I was still watching Love Live and not a new season of BanG Dream. Joking aside, I’m gonna give it a couple more episodes to get to know Liella’s dramatis personae better before settling on an oshi or two, though Kanon’s character development so far (based mainly on overcoming her stage fright) is already leaving a good impression on me. There’s also potential to be had in Sumire hiding her love of cute, girly stuff under a harsh exterior. (Ojou-sama upbringing?) And then there’s Chisato and her relationship with Kanon as a childhood friend, which I hope gets expanded upon in future episodes.

    OTOH, even though Ren is supposed to be an expy of Eli and Dia (a strict, no-nonsense student council president), she seems much harsher when compared to the two, and for now, I don’t know why. I hope she has a good reason besides the whole “nepotism” thing.

    And the elephant in the living room… Tang Keke. While I appreciate the additional diversity to the cast (since one of the strengths of Love Live is having a diverse group of girls coming together to perform as school idols), I’m hoping that Liyuu keeps herself neutral and socially distances herself from the (messy) issues bound to arise from being the show’s token (half-)Chinese character. (*Flashbacks of Hollywood’s China-pandering in the last decade and Hololive’s debacle with Chinese antis last year over Coco and Haato/Haachama’s mention of Taiwan.*)

    *Deep breath* Back on the bright side, I still enjoyed the comedic moments with Kanon’s facial expressions and Keke’s lack of stamina reminding me of Houshou Marine. And then there’s the ending of ep. 01 where Kanon finds her courage to sing (with the return of that white feather from the first two Love Live series), does an impromptu song-and-dance number in front of surprised onlookers (a staple/running gag by now in Love Live), and then realizing what she just did upon receiving applause from said onlookers (and Keke).

    Kanon: “Wait… Was I able to sing?!”

    Welp, can’t wait for the next episode in August… And expect some broadcast delays for other anime this season with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally being held after a year-long, pandemic-induced delay.


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