「魔王たち」 (Maō-tachi)
“The Demon Lords”

This episode served as a placeholder and introduction (reminder) towards The Demon Lords, which is in fact the name of the episode. After Rimuru set’s all of his plans into motion, he finally has the time to prepare for Walpurgis which he takes wholeheartedly and with the OG cast, it seems. But, the disappointments keep piling on for some as we get another episode of not really anything happening, except political meetings with some foreshadowing in the dialogue. This second part has reached Kingdom Hearts’ level of complication. And I say that as a KH fan, Nomura loves to foreshadow things through character dialogue, and we saw it prominently when Leon Cromwell (Fukuyama Jun) when he meets with Guy Crimson (Ishida Akira) to talk about Leon’s plan of summoning a specific target. As vague as that can be, we don’t have any idea what it actually means. But a little bit more on that later.

Milim Nava is under Clayman’s Control

Now we know why Milim (Hidaka Rina) hasn’t been showing up in the program this cour, she’s been under the control of Clayman. Because Frey (Ohara Sayaka) was only following through on a promise she made to Clayman when she placed that necklace on Millim. Forbidden magic activated called Demon Marionette and Milim became a puppet of Clayman, it’s sure to come back around though. I actually like Milim, so seeing her unconscious and unable to defend herself at Clayman’s brutal beating was actually a little shocking, but it was meant with purpose as Frey reveals Milim has a self-defense circuit’s called Stampede. Clayman really showed his true colors this episode, as Frey puts it, ‘he’s an unsightly figure to watch’, as he thinks he should just get whatever he wants whenever he desires because he deserves it. Clayman is drunk on power no less.

Clayman is truly the epitome of a repressed little child that didn’t get what he wanted and now as an adult is on a rampage trying to make everyone bend his way. He’s been planning this all along and it’s now finally coming to its last outcome.

Demon Lord Crimson

So let’s talk about the part of the episode that made me scream in joy, albeit I had no idea it was going to happen. With the introduction of Guy Crimson comes a little scene true to his/her character. That’s right, Guy mentioned he/she can turn into a woman and have Leon make love to her/him. This is a fact as Crimson has the ability to switch between a female and a male at will. It’s right there in the official Wiki and it’s no longer a spoiler as it was revealed in this episode. I was really curious because he seemed to go in for a kiss and Leon rejects him saying he’s not into that type of stuff. Very interesting indeed.

With such wild fluidity between gender, Guy is sure to have had his fair share of both male and female partners. He’s a playboy (in his current form) and want’s to have as much fun as possible with those around him. He certainly has the hots for Leon, that’s for sure. I was happy to see a gay character in Tensei but then The White Ice Dragon Velzard, Empress of Ice (Iguchi Yuka) shows up, another Dragon just like Veldora. She is referred to as her partner by Crimson. And is very touchy with him. So obviously Crimson is not gay, so I thought, at least he’s bisexual. But now in retrospect, I think something more like pansexual would be more fitting for him. Since he is able to switch between both forms. Crimson doesn’t really have to look at gender and can assert himself as gender blind. Anyway, I revert from talking any more about Crimson and the reason why he might be able to have such fluid power as it might be considered a spoiler for those watching the anime only. I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the upcoming episodes, furthermore, I think he might be planning a visit to Tempest rather soon. So that’s going to be interesting to watch.


This was another talking heads episode a recurring theme this cour it seems, not too bad though as finally, things might be picking up. I can see why EightBit decided to animate all of this political drama, as working from home is a thing and people have to slow down every now and again. It did take five episodes to get here though, but we are almost in the middle unless they decide to extend this into a two cour, but if they did the second cour would air somewhere between Winter and Spring of next year (a hefty wait). So let’s hope Tensei can finally pick up the pace with the next couple of episodes.

Don’t dwindle now, things are about to get a lot better!

But other than that, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you next week for another round of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken!

End Card


  1. Come back next week where we tease something happening for the first five minutes and then spend the rest of the episode going over the seating arrangements for Walpurgis and drop hints about this being very important in some ill-defined way.

  2. Tashiro
    1. Everyone grows up at some point, you’re not playing in the sand, making sand castles, or making forts out of furniture to hide in and play hide and seek with your friends, are you now? It’s adult time now, serious business.

  3. You know, I am kind of surprised, I didn’t think MILIM would be subjacated so easily. Wasn’t MILIM one of the OG Demon Lords and a powerful one at that? Now MILIM gets abused by CLAYMAN because she is defenseless. Even MILIM is strong enough to not feel the pain, it’s the awful message this abuse is providing.

    When CLAYMAN was first introduced in Season 1 I didn’t really like him as a villain but I didn’t know why back then. I now know why I don’t like CLAYMAN as a villain, he seems more like a victim of being looked down upon and never taken seriously by other Demon Lords—inferiority complex. CLAYMAN isn’t so much a villain than a victim of being weaker than his peers.

    Leon was mentioning to Guy Crimson about summoning people to their world. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Has never established an end game for people who get summoned.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better! This is so spot on and justifies the cookie-cutter act Clayman has going on. He urges for that control, that feeling of being on top, but can only achieve it through third-party mediums, so to speak. Thanks for sharing your insight.! 🙂

  4. Yes, another episode where all they did was talk, but unlike the previous one’s it didn’t feel to me like they wasted time. We got to see new important characters and their thoughts on what is going on in this world. Looks like Leon isn’t easily fooled.

    Enjoyed hearing Yuka Iguchi as dragon onee-san. Hope we see a lot more of her in the future and how she handles her brother.
    Also gotta give props to Hidaka Rina and the way she voiced the excited Milim. Too cute. She does these kind of characters so well.
    Speaking of Milim, considering how powerful she is supposed to be it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be able to control her like that. But would she go so far as to suffer mistreatment?
    I’m a bit disappointed by the cardboard villain behaviour of Clayman. Well, he probably won’t survive this cour…

  5. most fantasy have one demon lord, ultimate ruler of evil amd all things dark
    this world: dozen or so demon lords, some very bad, some quite friendly, varying in power and stature, and with web of conn ections reminding of love dodecahedron relationships diagram


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