「業」 (Gō)

Commentary aside, this was a really good episode, starting right where we last left off, Ysley and Paula crash into what I can only describe as a church, and start laying out their plan. Immediately the church (or cultists, however you want to see it) start firing back with guns, even pulling out an RPG, which I can only assume they had under their coats, the Idaten don’t even flinch. I found this extremely funny, as these scenes suddenly oozed out Trigger energy. it’s not until Paula, following Ysley’s plan, shows up with Angel Wings, pushing this week’s metaphor even harder. I don’t really wish to open that can of worms, but I look forward to seeing all of your comments! Of course, the church doesn’t believe her still, thinking it’s only a costume, and it’s not until she catches a bullet that they believe that she is indeed a god.

Ah, leave to us humans to use religion and worship for profit (stonks), and we wouldn’t even believe God would be able to present in front of us until we see an act of devotion. Hey kinda like that dude that turned water into wine.

Yes, the commentary was present this week, but it kinda felt inevitable in a way. And it was never over the top, or like it was trying to push down a specific idea. Hammering it home until it’s so flat on the ground it’s barely recognizable. Instead, it was very subtle, never mustering its story to overly simplify the metaphor. It was kinda just there, hanging in the corner. I really liked that. Then Ysley and Paula try to convince this flock to play nice with their neighbor country, but they speak about it like the people living there are of some lesser status. Ysley interrupts them what nonsense are you talking about I really do wish I had his kind of confidence. It doesn’t take long before Ysley and Paula are back with Prontea and Hayato. But before that, turns out that Prontea rebuild the town, a minor detail that explains their behavior. Develop it in whatever way makes it easier to live in, okay? Those words were enough for the people of this nation to adopt an ideology that dictates to save or purge other nations. In a way, Prontea is their Jesus Christ,

As Ysley and Paula return, Miku takes the helm for a little bit, she’s analyzing the Idaten footage and comes to a couple of conclusions, the Idaten is more existence rather than the body. Mao Dr. is rejoiced and appoints Miku to even more covert spies, but she has other plans and sees imminent invasion in the next couple of – hours. Miku is able to see into the future, something Ysley quickly deducts as well.

On the other side of the coin, Hayato trains with Prontea, and they have a little talk, turns out Rin might not be fully explaining everything to Hayato. Being more of a D.i.Y. kinda teacher. But nevertheless, all the Idaten quickly get together and we are able to see a side of the nervous Prontea, but with a lot of haste, they go and attack the Zobel empire, aka where all the demons are. Dr. Mao doesn’t even see it coming, and before long destruction reigns down on them. The underground lab is destroyed, meanwhile, Miku flees with her friends. The Idaten make the country an island so that everyone is unable to escape. But they do provide an escape route for all the humans, but they want to keep the demons in check. Pisara set’s out her coup, and incites riots within the military, of course, some of them take that opportunity to cause some chaos. Rin then takes the helm, against, some muscle dudes who are being controlled by Brandy, and even after Rin takes of their heads they are still moving. I hope Rin can get out of this one. Oh and almost forgot to mention Hayato saves the Nun named Gil and the sex slave workers. Which kinda sounds like the title of a movie. But then Takeshita emperor shows up, declaring he has to be useful for something. The episode ends in a cliffhanger once more!

Gotta love it.

So many things happened in this episode, it was hard to remember to write this all up, but it was still very enjoyable, I had a great time with this chapter. I’m loving all the little visual flares and details that are behind the animation. Every single scene is filled with love and care. And the story is certainly going places. So much happened in one episode! it was exhilarating. And now I noticed that this has become one of my happy place anime’s, even if the story might not seem that way, I can say that it has become a sort of guilty pleasure. Which I personally always love to have, because they become mine, and I hold them dearly. I don’t know that might be weird, but that’s how I work.

Nevertheless thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope to see you next week for another episode Heion Sedai no Idaten-Tachi!

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  1. … who was the girl disguised as Miku? … did we ever see her before?

    Ditto on the demon nurse who wound up getting outta dodge with her to try and repopulate elsewhere. I do not remember seeing her before either, but apparently she’s important enough to appear in the ED sequence!


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