「示指のアダルマン」 (Jishi no Adaruman)
“Adalman, the Index Finger”

Okay! We’ve been sort of on a good strike when it comes to Tensura. Last episode (#44) Albis totally annihilated Yamza, and in this episode, we got to see Shuna use her powers, not only that, this episode revealed that Shuna has the ability to use holy magic. I’m glad the Adalman (Sugita, Tomokazu) fight was over before it started. I honestly thought it was going to extend to at least a couple of episodes. My suspicion only came because of how Tensura has been treating this current arc. And it seems that the discussions are not over, as, in the final moments of the episode, the credits rolled over the screen and we get to see how all of the demon lords come together. Rimuru sees Milim enter, Clayman abuses her by hitting her and telling her to walk faster. Rimuru seeth’s with anger, being true to his personality. You can bully him however you want, but as soon as you even lay a finger on someone he considers a friend, well it’s basically all over for you.

On the flip side, it seems Guy (I’m hearing Gie though) Crimson, takes a particular interest in Rimuru as he/she stares him down with an utmost poignant look. It’s curious because I’ve been wanting these two to interact ever since Crimson was introduced. And it seems like it’s finally happening at least the next episode suggests. However small and superficial that conversation might be because they are in the presence of the other demon lords and must behave themselves, Crimson could just not care about any of that and outright flirt with Rimuru causing some serious laughs, at least I’m hoping so.

Nevertheless, back to Shuna and the fight. Adalman, this week certainly took me for a loop, not only was the fight full of anime magic circles (my personal favorite) but Shuna was basically overpowered against this undead priest. At one point she Overrides Adalman’s magic and the circles start flying out and spinning in a vortex, she takes control of the magic and uses it against this undead knight. Honestly, I was a little worried, because they mention the fog is covering their magic and makes them unable to detect anything, then a bunch of skeletons shows up. (Not exactly controversial for Tensura) But it was the sheer density of them all, that made me worry, will they be okay against this army? Then an undead dragon show’s up and my worries rose! But Souei and Hakurou split up and start pushing back the army, Shuna pulls out the Alignment Field around the battlefield, just at the right moment, giving her the chance to attack directly at Adalman, destroying half of his troops in the process. At this point the fight was basically won, even though I was still a little worried, once she pulled a Divine Miracle, let’s just say I took a sigh of relief. Maybe it’s because last season they so blatantly killed so many characters, that I’m a little worried that it might happen again. But this time around Rimuru seems to have the hands of control, and he holds a tight grip on them, so I’m not worried, but at the same time, I’m enjoying the spectacle.

And what an exhibition this was! This episode pulled all the stops, it showed us a great fight, it gave some light to a character that doesn’t really get a lot of screen-time, and we were reminded that Shuna is actually a princess and Benimaru and the cast were actually protecting her before they met Rimuru, but thanks to Rimuru being all generous and compassionate, not only do they get to live in the Nation of Tempest and enjoy a nice life. That is until Rimuru decides it’s time to go to war. But Shuna gets to live a carefree life until she has to fight others. But wasn’t she the one who volunteered, and Rimuru reluctantly gave her this job of beating Adalman?

Then as the fight ended, the whole of Adalman’s army (at least what’s left of it), including his undead dragon bow to Shuna and ask to meet their god, who so happens to be Rimuru. One more army to join the forces of Rimuru? I’m all up for it.

And well, let’s just say I was glued to my screen for the whole duration of this episode, I couldn’t look away. I have this feeling the next episode might be another talking heads episode, but let’s hope they manage to bring something interesting to the table.

For now, I want to know your thoughts on this episode, leave it in the comments! Only 3 more episodes to go, and things seem to be wrapping up nicely. Hope to see you next week for another episode of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken.

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  1. My random thoughts on episode.
    I pity the fool Clayman , he has messed with wrong people… He is in for a world of hurt…
    Slime-emperor of Monsterkind? Heh, Rimuru is in for surprise when he meets Adalman…
    Shuna is definitely cute and sweet, even when she deals out armies-destroying magics.

  2. I was fuming when I saw that Clayman hit Milim, I wanted to kill him. He gets off because he was able to subjugate someone stronger.

    I like that we get to see those who weren’t fighting before join the battle now and not be a supporter in the overall war.

  3. ‘Guy’ is in the credits as ‘gii’ (ギイ, spoken back in ep.42 when the maids announced Leon’s arrival at his throne room). The pronunciation, while not universal, is common. I know of more names pronounced this way than as the generic term (rhyming with ‘eye’) although without thinking about it, the majority would be French names.

    1. So I’m guessing, they went with Guy, because it’s the most approximate translation? Or something like that? I would love to read more about this, if you’re willing to of course. 😀 I love reading about the etymology and where the first version of that name came from. Thanks anyway. 🙂

      1. I’d say more transliteration than translation. Perhaps the name tickled the author’s fancy. Note that it’s written with katakana (ギイ) so it’s no more native than his last name (Crimson). There is already another famous 17th century Englishman’s name in the story… Cromwell (although Oliver was not the first notable with the name). Maybe he just wanted to go with another one as a very famous English Guy was Guy Fawkes (whom the V for Vendetta masks symbolize). That said, the one Guy I know of whose name rhymes with ‘eye’ is from England.

        There are aren’t many but there are a few shows with characters named Guy, and most spell and pronounce it this way (e.g. Hitsugi no Chaika).

        I did try to look around for the name’s origin. Apparently the Normans morphed the Italian ‘Guido’ into ‘Wido’ as the name spread north, and brought it to England. Actually, if you search for ‘wido’ on wikipedia, it redirects to ‘guido’. I guess it then evolved into Guy. It disappeared from usage in England (more or less) after Guy Fawkes’ activities but returned after some novels used it in the 19th century.

        I do often wonder how much thought goes into the use of foreign names in anime. Fate ad Nauseum strip mines literature to feed its desperate machine. Shows like Gate meanwhile, name characters after cocktails (e.g. Pina co Lada). Unfortunately, we don’t often get to see what went into the author’s thought processes, especially in English. Most of what I hear about story development seem to come from interviews given at conventions (which are obviously translated for the local audience).


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