「指揮 – Creed」 (Shiki – Creed)
“Conducting Creed”

MAPPA and Madhouse wasted no time showing off their stuff in this opening episode of Takt. Op Destiny, with stunning visuals, awesome animation sequences, and captivating art styles all around, I was pretty invested from start to finish. The plot seems quite engaging so far too, and the characters are interesting and quirky enough to make the slower scenes bearable and even fun. Above all, the musical element is what makes this series more than just a great spectacle of animation, particularly with the choice of a classical genre theme.

Characters and Plot

From what I could make of the plot so far, the series’ main protagonist is Takt (Kouki Uchiyama), who seems to be the one driving the plot forward with his pure passion for music and strong desire to bring back harmonious melodies to the world. The other main character, Destiny (Shion Wakayama), who typically goes by Corsette when she’s out of combat, is definitely the series’ plot enabler, as she is the one that takes on the D2s head-on under the guidance of Takt’s conducting. Anna (Kaede Hondo) was the lone supporting character in the opening episode, though based on the promotional poster it looks like there’ll be more members joining the crew soon.

The plot follows these characters driving across America towards New York where they’ll be able to “fix Corsette,” assumably to grant them a better chance at defeating the D2s. The trio’s individual goals have somehow united them on this journey, despite heavy differences in their driving forces. Takt just wants to play music, Destiny wants to eliminate the D2s, and Anna wants to get Destiny fixed at the Symphonica in New York. Regardless, destroying the D2s is something each member of the crew can agree on, and as long as Destiny is stacked on calories then they have a pretty good fighting chance.

Animation, Art & Music

The moment the first D2 we see in the series made its attack, I knew the animation was something special because I simply could not take my eyes off of it. From the D2 sliding across the buildings to Takt’s arm exploding into petals and finally to Destiny’s epic transformation, the evidence of a superior animation studio’s work was all over this. It’s the little things that make an anime experience worthwhile, and the incredible art of even the most minute details was something I greatly appreciated. Whether it was Anna’s car giving me Initial D vibes or the delicious omelet breakfast giving me the Shokugeki no Soma experience, every scene in this episode was a feast for the eyes.

There’s no doubt the melody of the piano was what gave this episode its unique flavor as the battle scenes were backed by a harmonious rhythm rather than the usual anime rock tracks. To make things more engaging, the music is not just for the viewers listening pleasure either, as it’s a key plot device that attracts the D2s to Takt and Destiny so they can get busy destroying them. Indeed, this added touch gives the series a nice element that makes it more than mindless action and is something that lovers of classical music will surely appreciate.

Final Note

With the pace now set, I feel that Takt Op. Destiny will take on a sort of “road trip” vibe, traveling through the outbacks of America and fighting D2s along the way. I suspect there will be some who oppose Takt’s mission of bringing music back to the world and side with the D2s. As I mentioned already, I also suspect there will be more allies to join the crew, and the atmosphere really does give me Final Fantasy XV vibes, that is, driving across the open road with the crew and fighting enemies along the way, it doesn’t get much better than that I say.

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!


  1. Unfortunately the first episode of Takt Op. Destiny is my first true disappointment of the season. When i watched the PV i was thrilled thinking of what they were going to do with those impressive designs and animations. The answer is unfortunately a very generic battle action plot with characters that seems to have been created by a cookie cutter shounen manga generator. Seriously, even for a first episode they are extremely one note (pun not intended) and we are at the level of “muh music”, “i eat a lot and i am awkward” and “i am the big sister type”. The backstory of the two main character is also excessively transparent and predictable even at first glance. It doesn’t exactly help that, despite the music premise, the action (while well animated) is your run of the mill shooty and stabby fighting coreography. The plot is…ok i guess? It’s the Quiet Place with music as a trigger instead of any noise and with music powered Fate servants. Even the music, while not bad, is the typical action anime score. I know that’s part of a gacha multimedia project (which was already a red flag in retrospective), but i expected something a bit more interesting than this. Certainly not a bad anime, but a colossal waste of design and animations for something so generic at the core.

    1. That’s it! That was the anime that this reminded me of and I couldn’t remember its name.

      As for this one, what a waste. Absolutely stunning production values, but the scenario seems to have been picked up at the ¥100 store – monsters called X invade the Earth, kill Y percent of the population and can only be defeated by Z, young girls with special powers. It’s so formulaic I can’t even be bothered to apply the 3 episode formula.

      1. I had a good time with Episode 1, but it is a blander one because it only gives you a gist of who the characters are and what their powers are. It feels like a story that has potential come into its own by Ep.3.

  2. There is clearly some mystery to what the musicart are as well as their relation to the enemies(how does she not recognize a donut) and how the Takt figures into all this, so there is some potential depth.

    That was fun. The characters and concept were familiar, but they executed them quite well. I would say it earned the 3 episode rule at least.

  3. The idea that music is something that only certain people can do/use, or that it could be “lost” or “forgotten” or outlawed is something that has been explored and in different ways in other anime. Unfortunately, I’m in the camp that listens to that concept for all of about 10 seconds and wants to slam my head against a wall because of how ridiculously idiotic that idea. Music is not some thing that can be taken away or lost. It is simply a tune that comes from anyone.
    Now I’m sure that I should just turn off my brain and enjoy the ride, but a show has to really blow me away and keep me distracted to get me to ignore such grand idiocy, and this show didn’t even come close.
    Yeah this ain’t for me.


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