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OP: 「Dark seeks light」by Yui Ninomiya

「信用の報酬」 (Shin’you no Houshuu)
“Quantum of Trust”

Isekai may not be the most plentiful of categories this season (for once right?), yet that doesn’t mean it’s a train stopping anytime soon as Sekai Saikou proves in part. Sure, it won’t be winning any awards or major accolades anytime soon – but you know you like it nonetheless.

To keep the RC Preview shilling running apace (and my writing requirements low, heh), Sekai Saikou as thus described is your usual isekai affair. Man dies. Man finds goddess. Man gets the opportunity to live life in a new world full of ridiculous power and with even more opportunities for love. And I’m not even kidding about the man: Sekai Saikou’s lead literally has no original name and is defined by being the best assassin in the world to a shadowy organization devoted wholly to taking care of business. Or in other words, what probably happens when you decide Agent 47 is better served as an isekai protagonist. The premise, outside of that doubletake on the MC’s origins, is honestly nothing shocking or surprising for anyone who’s been around the alternate world bend, but Sekai Saikou can get some kudos for spicing up the typical formula. At least this guy won’t be running the dweeb mindset.

In terms of the actual alternate world here, that looks to be something for next episode. Right now there’s not much to work with: we’ve got an assassin family/group whom Lugh Tuatha Dé – i.e. the MC (Akabane Kenji) – fits in with swimmingly well for fairly obvious reasons, plenty of dark and shady characters hinting towards the enemies on the horizon, and the pronouncement that he’s here to kill a hero for one reason or another. I’m not expecting miracles on the part of any writing or character development here (mostly given this one is the work of Kaiyari’s author), but the magic system at work is pretty decent for a light novel story – any lack of RPG-esque spell naming immediately gets a thumbs up from me – and the animation certainly does the trick compared to the usual results in this genre.

While wholly unlikely Sekai Saikou will be a masterpiece, I’m certainly interested in seeing just where it goes. With a premise focused on murder and a protagonist embracing the more charismatic side of life, you can bet this one has a few intriguing twists laying in wait – and good or bad, I’m down to seeing them in action.




  1. Have to admire the attention to detail, like the plane wings bending up just before takeoff. OK, and the butt cracks and panty shots. Definitely worth 3 episodes of this to see how the isekai aspects play out as, at the moment, they seem a bit superfluous.


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