OP Sequence

OP: 「おんなじキモチ。」 (Onnaji Kimochi.) by Kiyono Yasuno

「チーズケーキ / モーニング再び」 (Chiizukeiki / Mouningu Futatabi)
“Cheesecake / Breakfast Again”


ED Sequence

ED: 「冷めない魔法」 (Samenai Mahou) by Nao Touyama

「ビフテキ / 」 (Bifuteki / Shuukuriimu)
“Beefsteak / Cream Puff”

「ハンバーガー / ギュウスジカレー」 (Hanbaagaa / Gyuu Suji Karei)
“Hamburger / Beef Tendon Curry”

Boy does it make me happy to see Nekoya, Tenshu and Aletta again. Yes, Kuro too – but to a lesser extent since we had less time to know her character.

The show has a pretty standard bread and butter approach – new dishes every week with customers having non-sexual foodgasms. There’s no reason to change such a fabulous formula.

Admittedly it doesn’t have the best animation going around. But I’m not bothered. The visuals are more than serviceable – with particular care and attention being given to the food. Isekai Shokudou’s quaint and comfy soundtrack never fails to get me in the mood for each and every episode.

There’s a good mix of established regulars and new faces too. I must say it surprises me how the show continues churning out different personalities of all sorts, with varying backgrounds to boot. Three episodes in, we already have: the Guild Adventurer, vampires Romero and Juliette, Adelheid’s maid, the three young, aspiring adventurers.

My favourite of the lot would definitely be Romero and Juliette. They never intended to be customers, but the food was so good that they decided to stick around. That’s how you know that a restaurant is worth it’s salt – when it is able to win regular patrons in that style. I’ve had that experience exactly once with a family run pizza place in the middle of nowhere. So unassuming. Yet their pizzas were on a whole other level to what I have experienced – even compared to reputable establishments in Sicily. These locations might be far and few between, but are treasures beyond monetary compare when you manage to stumble across them.

For me, I would never be able to consistently pick out the same dish repeatedly. Then again, I live in a Western society where all sorts of dishes are available every day of the week at my choosing – whereas these fantasy denizens only get one day of Satur to enjoy Nekoya’s offerings. If I was similarly limited, I would also be careful to make sure I am maximising every single visit. Based on what we have seen so far, I would probably rotate between all the parfaits since I would not be able to easily make them at home. My instinct for assembling desserts is some ways off my culinary repertoire of savoury items.

So my question to round off the post would be this. If you showed up to the world of Isekai Shokudou, what do you think your main dish(es) would be?


  1. It doesn’t have the best animation but hey…it’s enough for me to admire food to the point of hunger. The food visual is enough.

    Seriously I rather watch this than “Shokugeki no Soma”.
    It’s short.
    It’s comfy.
    And you get satisfied just watching 1 episode per week and expect nothing nothing the following week.

  2. Not quite related but Im just amazed how long this site has been going. Like I remember getting into anime fully back in late 2006 – 2007 and watching Code Geass (among 5 others, Spice & Wolf, Zero no Tsukiama, Shana, Rozen Maiden) and when I search Code Geass it just goes to show how old the screenshots are and how the blogs were formatted.

    I dont read the site much at all but I do check for new screen snips to animes I havent decided on watching yet. Like I dont think I would have got into Hero Academia if I didnt have a peak on it here on the year it was released.

    So errrm yeah. Thanks for these 14 years of still operating


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