「文化祭です / 後夜祭です /  打ち上げです」 (“Bunkasai Desu / Koyasai Desu / Uchiage Desu)
“It’s just the culture festival / It’s just the post-festival / It’s just the after-party”

“When a person has extreme social anxiety, they struggle to communicate with others. They only struggle to form connections, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to.” – Narrator

It’s the line that we hear at the beginning or in this case the end, of every episode of Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. With the first season wrapping up with this final banger of an episode, this series has truly stood the test of time and stuck to its guns from start to finish. We never really got to see Komi speaking out loud in full sentences as we wanted her to, but we were given just enough of that precious voice to keep our hopes alive. As far as making 100 friends go, we got just enough of that with Komi’s list of 10 to 20 friends she’d made up till now, leaving plenty of room for more action in season 2 and keeping us invested enough to yearn for more! I guess the best way I can wrap up my thoughts about this first season as a whole is that they gave us just enough content through gags, plot progression, and romantic subtleties to keep us engaged in Komi’s journey, but didn’t spill too much to negate the hype of a new season.

MVP Award – Najimi Osana

Perhaps I’m too much of a shonen fanboy, or maybe I have some other unknown issues, but I can’t help seeing Najimi Osana as this series’ hero (or heroine, whatever they define as) because of their constant initiative and good vibe energy they put out into their surroundings. All those awkward encounters between Komi and Tadano and the build-up of tense atmospheres are always diffused by our loveable extroverted hero Najimi. If anything, the feeling I got from Najimi throughout the series is that they are truly too competent for their own good. We are talking about someone who turned a measly school culture festival into a thriving business! Truly a master of organization and management, Najimi’s only flaw is their questionable methods that definitely borderline on shady, to say the least. Even while being prosecuted for their actions, Najimi continues to bring all the laughs in their hilarious exit from the premises.

While this is supposed to be a series focusing on the struggles of introversion and social anxiety, the author did a great job of showing the importance of accepting both personality types into society as it keeps the balance and harmony of different energies strong and intact. The most obvious example that is presented to us throughout the series is the holy trinity of Komi, Tadano, and Najimi who represent the introvert, the ambivert or “hybrid”, and the extrovert. This is an interesting dynamic for a friend group, but it works so well to show the different pearls of wisdom and lessons the three can provide for each other while highlighting the benefits each brings to the table. Of course, Komi has power over all the school’s simps through her pure graciousness, beauty, and godliness, while Najimi is able to use that power for the best interest of their friends (as we see with the whole maid shenanigans). This kind of exposure could really tear an introvert apart, but that’s where the balance-minded Tadano steps in with his supportive nature that isn’t quite as “out there” as the loud commander Najimi.

The Unsung Hero – Hitohito Tadano

He may not be the center of attention or the one pulling all the strings, but Tadano is surely the reason that Komi is able to cope with a lot of the madness going on in this wacky school without giving up on her dream of making 100 friends. In many ways, Tadano keeps Komi grounded and in the loop while acting as a shield (or at least a filter) for Najimi’s over-the-top ideas and innovations. It’s a friendship trio that really has the best of all worlds, and I feel that as “plain” or “bland” as some viewers might find Tadano, he perhaps has the most important role in this dynamic, keeping everything balanced and under control as much as possible. Of course, there is also a possible romantic element between Tadano and Komi that adds an interesting element to this three-way friendship, and once again, I can see Najimi being a key player in harnessing their relationship and managing the awkward periods.

The Goddess – Shouko Komi

Where would this series be without Komi? She may be the silent observer, but her mere existence projects an aura powerful enough to command nations (or at least a school). It’s Komi’s mere participation in social interactions and her ability to just “show up” to events that ultimately drives the plot as well as the characters into something beautiful. The truth is, Tadano would never have rekindled his friendship with childhood friend Najimi if it weren’t for the sake of helping Komi. Likewise, Najimi wouldn’t be so invested in pushing forward group activities and fun times if it weren’t for helping Komi make new friends. A similar example can be seen through all of the students at this school, whether it was Yadano getting fired up to challenge Komi or Nakanaka finding a friend in Komi thanks to her patience and acceptance. When you really look into it, you’ll find Komi is very much navigating the plot despite not meaning to, as her natural shyness and withdrawal from communicating as well as her beautiful appearance that requires no spoken words simply catches the hearts and eyes of many.

Perhaps the bottom line or the underlying message for all this is to always be yourself while trying your best to improve. By nature, Najimi is an extrovert, but that alone is not what makes them special, it’s their willingness to do their best in everything they do that makes them shine. Similarly, Tadano is the average plain guy who may not seem like he’s anything special, but his willingness to help people in need and just be there for his friends is what earned this bland character the right to be the goddess Komi’s, right-hand man. And finally, going back to my first point about Komi, she is only able to have this much power over the people and the ability to command armies because of her efforts in putting herself out of her comfort zone in social situations and trying to interact with people. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what one’s personality type or individual quirks are, by making the most out of the hand you’ve been dealt you will realize your true path in life and meet the people you were destined to meet!

Looking forward to season 2!! 🙂


  1. I am so glad this is getting a second season. By all accounts the humor in this anime should be predictable and repetitive by the second episode, but there’s something in the writing and presentation that just makes Komi’s antics feel like the most exciting plot twists of 2021.

    1. I’d agree that Najimi’s the best character on the show. To me, Najimi carries so much of the show because they’re the one outgoing character who can push Tadano and Komi to come out of their shells. It honestly would’ve been hard to watch if it was just Tadano and Komi trying to get to know each other without Najimi angling for Komi to hang out with her new friends, and trying to read Komi well enough to know what she wants out of a social situation.

  2. She damn near went nuclear waiting for her turn to sing. It actually captures what people like her go through in those types of situations quite accurately.

    This series really allowed me to self reflect on my life and made me wonder how different it could have been if my school life included someone like Najimi and if the overall environment was different. Really looking forward to season 2.


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