1. This is giving me a lot of runway de warate vibes, and I mean that in the best way.

    Hopefully this one sticks the landing, as runway’s last few episodes left a lot to be desired

    1. I can understand why manga need to go on and on, but this manga seems in danger at the moment of descending into DRAMA. Why can’t there just be a last volume with a timeskip that shows the MCs settle down, get married and open a cosplay hina doll shop? 🙂

      1. Because the writer knows that gullible fans like the romance and will continue to tease them for years. They knows that readers will keep buying manga volumes and will continue to stretch things out until he decides to end it.

      2. But if there is a time skip for every endearing Manga with a good ending readers will stop wanting more from that title. And Fanfiction with alternative ending will blow up! Maybe end up with a Fanfic-verse.

    2. The thing is, the focus of the manga isn’t the romance between the two. That’s certainly there, but it’s not the focus. Long stretches of time is focused on the work and effort that goes into making these costumes and the artistry involved in creating them. The different tricks and shortcuts that are taken to make things easier. It’s an otaku passion manga first and a romantic slice of life second.

      Like “Alcohol is for Married Couples” is clearly about the author’s passion for mixed drinks, and the romance is secondary.

      That’s my take anyway.

      Michael W
  2. Really liked the expressions shown here. Goto’s admiration of that hina doll can look real creepy, while you can’t help but admire Marin’s love for her favourite anime.
    The difference in how they express their passion seem to be one of the reasons thay get that reaction from others. One can creep you out, while the other can hook you in and perhaps even make you share that passion.

    Still easy to see where Goto comes from. That event after talking about friends with grandpa was both funny and sad at the same time.

    I’ve seen a sewing machine like that in my old village home. Calling it from the Shouwa-era made it seem very antiquated. Didn’t realize the Shouwa-era actually ended in 89. Now I’m wondering how old that sewing machine actually is. XD


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