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OP: 「はじまりのセツナ」 (Hajimari no Setsuna ) by「蠟梅学園中等部1年3組」 (Roubai Gakuen Chuutoubu 1-nen 3-gumi)

「また明日」 (Mata Ashita)
“See You Tomorrow”

I’m glad to say this was completely wholesome and cured my depression. My assumption of this show is that at one point people are going to start to bully Akebi because of how happy-go-lucky she is and because at the same time she stands out like a sore thumb. While she did get some nasty stares from some of the girls in her course, overall everyone was very accepting of her, and all around her were quick to make friends with her. Usagihara, Touko (Kitou, Akari) was especially trickster-like to Akebi but nothing a good stern warning from Kizaki, Erika (Amamiya, Sora) didn’t solve. The other girl Akebi interacted within this episode, the glasses girl, Kojou, Tomono (Wakayama, Shion) was also especially nice to Akebi, even though she did hand her a wet handkerchief.

What especially intrigued me were the flashback scenes, as they showed how Akebi had to attend school all by her lonesome. Were the flashbacks meant to be taken seriously and at point-blank or were they some type of metaphor? I think it’s the latter, and it wouldn’t be a completely far-fetched idea that Akebi had to attend class by herself since she does live in the countryside. Even when she was little she still had that happy-go-lucky attitude that is sure to bring warmth and a smile to your face.

Even though not much happened, there’s something to say about how Akebi is actively doing stuff to make people like her. The agency she presents towards other people is almost magnetic and it’s what drives the story forward, as Akebi-chan is grounded in realism. While at the same time presenting a vignette that is intrinsically wholesome and restorative. That’s right this show gave me life.

In fact, I believe now the vibe the show is going for is more present and we were able to fully unwrap it now that we’ve been introduced to some of the rest of the cast and how Akebi relations with them. The fact Akebi instantly thought of them as a family, made the distance in their friendship become shorter. I especially liked that the teacher asked them to sit in 4 by 4 so that they could get to know each other better. I wish more schools would do this, as this way no one feels left out.

Another especially wholesome moment was how Akebi got lunch duty and started handing out (more) lunch to other people, as in Japan it is custom that when on lunch duty the student’s prepare the food and then serve it to the other pupils (not all schools though), it goes in rotation and everyone gets a turn. Akebi gets really into it and serves more miso soup to everyone else, and ends up with just a tiny little bit. She doesn’t complain though, which made me fall in love with her as a character even more. In fact, I think she’s the driving force for this show, without her the facade falls apart and it becomes just another day in the life of high school students. But thanks to Akebi being at the center of it all, the show becomes magnetic.

Even so, the relationship she has with her father seems like it’s really good, as in the latter half of the episode her father makes an appearance, and pretends to be taking a nap after a bath Akebi is finally able to talk to him as he partakes a smoke in the courtyard, they seem to be really nice to each other. They have a nice relationship overall.

Across-the-board the pacing didn’t feel so bad this episode, as soon as I understood what was going and where the show was headed it was a great time. It’s not meant to shock you (just yet? I have not read the manga) There wasn’t really any drama between the girls, maybe later when the story takes hold, or maybe not maybe the show never goes there, I don’t personally think it really needs to do so, it’s already plenty interesting as a window into Akebi’s life and how she treats other’s and how they react.

Oh, and her acrobatics during class really made me smile, sure you could say that was a little bit of fanservice – but if it was it’s the most tasteful fanservice I have ever seen. But since this is an all-girls school Akebi didn’t think much of it, and the topic was just glossed over, Erika did tell her bluntly, however. I think Akebi was really nervous and felt the need to explain herself, of course, the girl in the back didn’t exactly like it, she’s just jealous though, it’s not like Akebi is breaking any rules in the school, she just had a really big dream and that was to wear the Sailor uniform. The girl in the back wished she had that kind of dedication, or I bet she does have commitment but finds Akebi silly or childish. Yes, you could already say I have animosity towards the girl in the back.

Oh, the lipgloss thing!

This truly is a piercing vignette into Akebi’s life as she stumbles through her day-to-day life, and that’s what makes the show interesting and keeps it moving! Even if there’s no real conflict just yet, it doesn’t need to have one, I would be fine if the rest of the episodes were as wholesome and laid back as this one. While still allowing us to learn more about these characters through organic ways.

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  1. Ha! Dads cool in this Anime although I kind of wish he wasn’t a smoker. Not a deal breaker but seriously.

    Man if the acrobatics scene is considered fanservice then our future of society will be one where we don’t break out of the ordinary. Although I wanna point out that scene where Akebi does her trick wasn’t much of a hook.

    Akebi is just a normal girl.

    1. Honestly, I don’t really know what’s fan service or not (because I’m dumb and it doesn’t apply to me) so it was more of a guess really. Honestly, I’m really liking the pacing, and Akebi’s attitude makes me smile and fills me with hope. 🙂

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