1. As much as I complain about Western adaptations of comics at least they are willing to change a few things. Adaptations of manga for the most part adapts everything from the source. It is basically the manga but animated. It is why I just stick with the manga. Anime just exist to promote the source and get people to read it.

    As far as this series goes, it looks good but like all adaptations it will end whole the manga keep going for years. Long part the point where it shield have ended

    1. Well you know, you need look no further than the currently airing Karakai Jouzu for an example of an anime doing more than simply making manga pictures move. It adds to the experience in many ways, including re-working the chapter order and judiciously adding excellent original material. Those adaptations do exist, albeit rarely.

  2. This whole episode felt pointless. It was fanservice for fanservice sake. Did we really need an episode of getting measurements especially when Marin could have easily gotten her measurements somewhere else instead of having Wakana do it? Maybe this would haven’t been so bad if they moved on from the measurement scene, but like you said, to spend an entire episode on this when we only get a 12 episode season seems silly.

    1. I understand what your saying, I started reading the Manga at a bar after watching the first episode. When I completed this scenario I was like “Feeling a crap ton of emotions right now and it’s not because of the whiskey.”

      The episode follows the Manga for source material and unfortunately a good portion of the chapter in the Manga was devoted to this measuring scene. I mean the production company CAN make alterations to the story and Producers have done so such as the Fate/Stay Night series where some of the arcs are not true to the source.

      Alternatively what could also happen is the production company make alterations, the Mangaka gets upset and it’s a replay of Fruits Basket original. (The ones from early 2000s.)

    2. So far, does her friends know she cosplay? Maybe she’s trying to keep it a secret. They also explain measuring yourself doesn’t work. I know it doesn’t work for me for sure.

  3. Since watching the first episode I’ve been reading the Manga religiously at a bar I frequent quite often. I am not surprised this body measuring scene was illustrated, and it took up the entire chapter…I think.

    I know I mentioned that from the first episode this Anime reminded me of another Runway de Waratte. After reading the Manga, I was wrong. We have to remember Marin’s premise for working with Wakana in the first place. Marin has a character she wants to cosplay from and this character is from an Eroge title. Understanding this I see why this episode has to be so risky, the Mangaka who wrote the Manga are setting standards and production company is just illustrating what’s on the Manga.

    Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru is slowly evolving into a romcom than a story about two characters with WELL cultured hobbies.

    I am hoping the source is aiming to use this personal relationship between Wakana and Marin to help Marin enter in the Cosplay industry as a professional. Even if the characters Marin chooses are from Eroge or Hentai. Otherwise, this story will be 1 dimension and we had to wait 12 episodes to realize that.

  4. Yeah, I wanted this to be the next runway de warate, but in reality this is going to be an ecchi romcom, and not even a good one.

    This isn’t for me. Good luck to anyone who enjoys this though

  5. The last part was the one that really got me. The game’s audio and Gojo’s serious face, it was inevitable that his grandpa would get the wrong idea. It works real great in anime compared to other media. Should’ve really watched this episode on a home theatre. XD

  6. Don’t miss the point.
    The girl is really trusting the doll maker to fulfill her wishes.
    She is so enthusiastic about it she is candidly erotic, because her mind is set in the outcome the cosplay outfit.
    It takes some time for her to realize what she is doing, and the embarrasment she feels really shows.
    The doll maker is suffering because to him the whole situation is a cheese hentai scenario. But he overcomes his judgemental thoughts and gets on with the task at hand. (Which is such a feat).

  7. Ultimately this is most important for what it says about Marin as a character. And frankly she’s either unbelievably (choice of word intentional) clueless, or a bit of a mean-spirited tease.

    I think it’s just as much she’s found someone who’s willing to go along with her hobby and a bit too focused/obsessed with finally getting on with it. Even before the swimsuit gets broken out, she basically stalked him down using Google maps, showed up at his door unannounced, and invited herself in because she couldn’t wait to get going. Which is very not Japanese in how aggressive she’s being.

    The point where I suspect the implication that him touching her thigh and or brushing up against something else that happens to be in close proximity to that joint while measuring her inseam is a snap-back to reality moment that she’s 90% naked in a boys bedroom.

    In many ways, I think both these characters are the same in the sense that their free moments are hyper-focused on their hobby to the exclusion of everything else, But, they exist at the extreme opposite ends of the introvert/extrovert spectrum. Which means Marin charges ahead blindly when faced with conflict – see “oh, I’ll just wear a swimsuit so you can measure me almost naked!” like that’s a good plan – while Wakana retreats into his shell and concedes ground instead of saying or doing what he should.

  8. I started following this manga when it only had like 10 chapters so and even back then this manga was gaining traction for obvious reasons. I was honestly surprised it got an anime so quick and now it’s super popular. Just go to Twitter/Pixiv to see the amount of artwork it suddenly has and boy am I not complaining. My phone wallpaper selection is increasing lol.


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