1. For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, this was my favourite episode so far. Maybe it was that moment when Wakana smiles and Marin’s eyes go all sparkly. Well, not sparkles-and-bubbles sparkly, but there’s a change in the reflections.

    I’ve seen people deny this was actually a rom-com, so perhaps they’ve never watched the ED, which is even better with the lyrics. Once you’ve got a decent version of those (and I couldn’t find one so I had to patch one together myself that handles the psychomimes correctly) then there’s no possible doubt.

  2. When I saw Marin’s costume in Anime after seeing it in Manga the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Suit Up, We Are Going To Fight The Chitauri And Thanos.’

    Not communicating plus not communicating clearly and letting fate work out relationships between two people is a common trope in Anime RomComs. This way both Marin and Wakana can have a deeper relationship with one another.

    Also I am a sucker for this kind of trope. So when Marin cried because Wakana killed himself over her costume all for a misunderstanding, I got all giddy.


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