1. one note:
    Marin saved the ligerie “shot” for his eyes only… (during the lingerie shop episode earlier)
    So she has certain borders which she won’t move past in her cosplay, and more importantly she is ready to pass for Gojou…

  2. This episode confirmed for me that Marin is actually fairly innocent about sex. By that I mean obviously she knows about the mechanics (or as much as you can glean from pixelated eroge) and the vocabulary, but she doesn’t KNOW about it.

    She’s only 15 or thereabouts, and she displays her body and talks freely about the moisture content of her underwear not because she’s a slut but because she doesn’t realize the effect it has on people (the scene where her skirt gets flipped confirms that). And she treats Wakana just like she would any of her female friends for the same reason. She asks him to do all sorts of fairly intimate things to her without a second thought because of that, and she’s only just beginning to realize the difference between a boy friend and a boyfriend.

    Like I was talking about last week, the ED lyrics would change the way people looked at this series in the early episodes because they’re a straight-up confession of head-over-heels love by Marin, but they also contain the acknowledgement that she knows she’ll have to wait for Wakana to think she’s “beautiful”. Well, that condition is now cleared, but things will obviously not progress smoothly if only because it’s an ongoing manga.

    But as for a faithful adaptation of the manga, I think every manga reader is waiting to see how CloverWorks will handle Wakana’s first meeting with a certain young-looking cosplayer, which is the most fanservicey chapter so far, and by a long way.


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