1. And here I thought that her real eye color was the green that we see in the OP.
    Watching this episode, I see the similarities with Oreimo.
    With Kirino being the hyper otaku, last week’s episode introduced this show’s Kuroneko.
    After finishing this episode, I watched a random scene of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song. I wouldn’t know that it’s the same person voicing both Vivy and Juju.
    I like that it looks like you plan to stick with the series although it’s not your kind of show due to the common romcom trope. Good to have different perspectives.

    1. Interesting, I never watched Oreimo so I have a hard time relating to guardian Enzo and you. It was an Anime or Manga was was going to pick up but didn’t.

      An Otaku’s different shade of eye color is a goths piercing. Being an Otaku an now being called a weeb, I feel like the different eye color is a way to make us physical unique and likable despite how dumb we are.

  2. Like:
    – The director kept the part where they discussed getting a studio for cosplaying just like the Manga. What I find interesting is how the director chose to focus on the financial side of renting a studio alone. In the Manga this was discussed very briefly between Marin and Juju.

    – Gramps recognizing how Gojo’s lines on the doll faces are getting better. It was a very small part in the Manga; in fact Gojo doesn’t get a chance to work on his dolls all that often in the Manga.

    – I enjoyed how Gojo and Marin had a preconceived image of Juju’s lil’ sis. I was laughing at this panel in the Manga and chuckled at the scene in the Anime.

    – Quite often in the Anime you see what Anime Marin and Gojo are researching with their commentary and all. In the Manga this doesn’t happen often, but it’s a really nice touch.

    – Funny how the scene where Marin cooks and makes a terrible looking meal. The food actually looks better in the show than the Manga. It looked terrible.

    Maybe it’s because Anime is a motion picture or that I was drinking, but I remember the scene about the costume tape being longer in the Manga than the Anime.

  3. Hmm… GE, can you elaborate a bit where you feel that the show is “at war with each other”, and why? Because honestly, I don’t feel this to be obvious, if at all. To me, the story works out quite harmoniously, and while I do consider the level of fanservice to be debatable, I don’t see it as counterpoint to the rest of the story.

    About Marin’s lack of inhibitions when it comes to flaunting her assets in particular: She’s working as a model (IIRC that wasn’t shown in the anime yet, but briefly mentioned as a sidenote. It was already established in the manga at this point). She is not _entirely_ oblivious to it – consider her teasing of Gojo during the garter belt shopping – but she isn’t attributing that much relevance to it. The thing is that she is feeling _comfortable_ around Gojo, and anyone who is into publically cosplaying as a character of a sex slave eroge needs a high level of “don’t care” to begin with.

    The way I see it, Gojo is special to Marin because she feels that she can “be herself” around him when it comes to her cosplaying interests. And Gojo has yet to explain his freak-out scenes to her. Which is more of a convenience tool for the author to keep fanservice and jokes about it going than realism – yes – but not so blatant to harm my enjoyment of the show.

    1. For me it comes down to this. It has a side that’s blatant fanservice (usually artsy, occasionally crass) and pure tropism that puts me in mind of Oremio. It has a side that’s a rather innocent look at teen romance from the POV of two very naive characters. To me these two sides are pretty dissonant most of the time.

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