1. Well, that episode was almost dangerously nostalgic – being young, going to the sea on a whim, first love and so on. Plus I’ve actually seen one of those birds snatch food from someone’s hand at Enoshima. Except the poor Korean guy it happened to wasn’t as lucky as Marin because as well as losing his food, he got the palm of his hand gashed by the bird’s talons. Which is why there are multilingual notices all over the place warning people not to eat food out in the open there.

    Anyway, after 8 episodes we’re at chapter 23 in the manga. Given that a certain cosplay outfit features in the OP, that suggests the anime might cover up to chapter 36, although that could feel a bit of an abrupt stopping point. Cue for a quick second season then because at that pace there are already enough chapters published.

  2. I can’t wait for Himeno Amane to finally appear. Don’t get me wrong I like Marin and Gojou as a cosplaying team, but for some reason Himeno Amane is cool to me.

    You may all dislike my opinion but I say, if you can be a boy and get a way looking like your favorite Anime chic go do it.

    On that note I completely forgot when Himeno appeared in the Manga—sh*t


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