1. Well, at least it’s sort of plot-relevant. Whereas even I’d admit that the shot in episode 6 looking up between Juju’s legs when she was lying on her bed really was creepy.

  1. If watching this show bores you, then why not just drop it? Because it has been non-stop whining from you for a few weeks straight, and if you hate it so much, you should have dropped it after episode three and hand the rewiew duty to someone more suited for it.

      1. And you look you are trying to pass open disgust as an unbiased opinion, which is also not the case.

        Of all the unapolegetic fanservice shows that exist you precisely came to pick the one that at least tries to do something else apart of the oopsie I tripped and I fell into the butt of the haremettes, but you don’t care about the theme nor the setup nor the story. So, what’s the deal here?

    1. I truly believe action speaks louder than words.

      Previous RC bloggers/reviewers would drop a series if the series turns bad. We already finished episode 9 and GE has dutifully spent hours covering this anime for us. When reading the coverage, just reverse all the negatives into positives to get GE’s true feelings. =P

      1. Heh. I drop shows all the time, as anyone who follows LiA would tell you. I wouldn’t say it’s a case of “reversi” here -more that this is a series that’s a vexing combination of stuff I really like and stuff that really annoys me (or flat-out creeps me out). And I think I’ve been pretty open about that from the beginning,

  2. I have to admit that I do agree with GE on this episode. I honestly find Shinju boring to the max, too. Gojo in panic-due-to-ecchi-exposure mode is already close to what I can take without wincing, but Shinju on top of it is simply too much for me. I’m fine with JuJu, who has something of a personality. On the plus side, I know what’s coming from now on, and it will be much easier on me.

    PS: Marin in intentional tease mode is fun 🙂

  3. > I think everything about my experience of watching Sono Bisque Doll has to be filtered
    > through the lens of not being the target audience for it.

    I get what you are saying. Typically these Anime/Manga where you see a character(s) with a singular focus, 90% of the material is about what the MC is focused on. Instead this Anime, (just the Anime not the Manga.) is a cocktail of romcom, hanging with peers who like to Cosplay, and cosplaying.

    I was hoping for a Runway de Warette or a Chihayafuru out of Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru but maybe some other Anime. Would be more serious.

  4. I’m usually a passive reader on this site, but seeing all the comments of “why is GE writing about this series if he isn’t really enjoying it” makes me just want to say I love Enzo’s perspective on this show! I’m (surprisingly) enjoying this series, and I don’t consider myself the target audience too; but while watching it, I wasn’t sure why I was so bothered by some parts. Reading reviews like these help a lot (and validate my thoughts LOL)!

    1. Thank you very much indeed – that’s kind of you to say. I’m just trying to be as honest as possible with these posts – I don’t think criticism should be limited to cheerleading. As I’ve noted ad nauseam if there weren’t elements of this series I really enjoyed,, I would have dropped it.

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