1. Scene where Gojou felt like nothing fit him i completely relate to, i worked in family’s bakery for 14 years, i wore nothing but work clothes and simple white clothes when not at work, because flour would be everywhere, it didn’t matter. I’d park a car more than 10 meters to the bakery and it would be in flour by the end of shift, flour in EVERYWHERE, so i had to adjust my sense of style and life to the damn flour for 14 years.

    This messed with my head for clothes. I don’t know what looks good or bad on me, i just tend to gravitate towards same plain white clothes all the time now. It’s unfixable, i tried, if i wear anything but that i feel like billion eyes are judging me.

  2. Well, it’s true – the show’s primary selling point to me are the Marin-Gojou interactions. I really DO wonder how they will handle the upcoming chapters though, since I can already predict a SCREAM of complaint from “fans” whose primary function in life seems to be to be offended 😉

    *tries hard to suppress a snigger*


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