1. So basically Marin climbs on top of him purely for the purpose of photographic reproduction, but then her innocent enthusiasm bumps up against reality. Saved by the bell!

    It was obvious from last week that my earlier manga chapter ending prediction was wrong, and I’m glad really because the love hotel capers wouldn’t have made a very good finishing point. Although my next guess at an ending will have problems of its own if there is an S2 (and at this stage I can’t imagine it not having one).

  2. As hinted previously by the director, it seems like we will be getting some small upgrades in the BDs. The one I’ve seen reported is from Ep2 around 21:25 where Gramps interrupts Wakana’s playthrough of Slippery Girls. In the TV version there is a dazzling white screen, but in the BD we see Shizuku-tan in bondage.

  3. Wait, wait, wait…….you said that, and I quote:

    “we saw middle schoolers do so in Tsuki ga Kirei, in fact)”

    I’m sorry, but what episode did we see that happen? I remember the series, but I certainly don’t remember the characters ever using one. (Unless it was one of those after-episode shorts?)

      1. Ok, thanks. That explains why it flew off the radar. Now I’m wanting to go back and revisit all these shorts.

        Admittedly, there’s a bit of a shock imagining middle school students using it, but I think that’s just the cultural differences at play. Like you said, there’s probably nothing to stop them from using one, however odd it may seem to some.


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