1. Another nostalgia-laden episode for me. The “can we talk till you fall asleep” thing, followed by the confession. But I was still awake…

    > I don’t see how you could have all this build-up and basically ignore it

    Isn’t that how romcoms have been going for decades, though? Each series has to have a romantic build-up at the end, which is then more or less retconned by the next series.

    1. And talking about romantic build-ups at the end, the latest manga chapter dropped and it’s almost as if the production committee called the mangaka a few weeks back and said, “If you want another series, write us something more romantic we can end it on”.

  2. I shotgunned all 11 prior reviews in a row yesterday, and while I can’t say I’m a fan of your more negative takes – though I will admit it’s all on me, as one who doesn’t care whether or not a show qualifies as wish fulfillment, a character is tropey or boring, a scene or set of scenes are discomfort-inducing, or the key topic of interest is something I personally care about – it really is refreshing to see this show experienced from another perspective.

    I give this series a 9/10 – despite what I said earlier, Gojo freaking out and acting embarrassed in an exaggerated manner sat pretty bad at points – and I can guarantee you all I’ll be checking out season 2.


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