「追駆」 (Okkake)
“Racing to Catch Up”

Well, guess we know where all this season’s budget went. From the efficiency of 3D stomping tortoises to the superior satisfaction of 2D laser firing reptilians, big birds going berserk, and cackling four eyed sword slinging, Tate no Yuusha certainly provided the entertainment this time. And the best part is it’s the only the teaser for the next big thing in this series: true isekai adventuring.

Given how prominent Kyo factors into the Spirit Tortoise arc I doubt many are too shocked that his defeat wound up being both a protracted affair and something to be fully resolved at a later date. I don’t even have much issue with how this played out overall: while quite funny the number of plans within plans Kyo had going (particularly the heroes as energy one, heh), the producers were nice enough to make the display thoroughly entertaining in terms of visuals and animation. No denying after all that this season has been middling on that aspect, so getting some serious improvement alongside a proper megalomaniac is a nice change of pace. Also Rishia rising to the occasion and putting Kyo in his place, told you she wouldn’t remain background material – or costume fodder – forever.

The real interesting part of this episode, however, is where it leads off into. For all the pathos surrounding Ost and her inevitable demise, the big thing is Tate no Yuusha putting some isekai within its isekai by having Naofumi and company go to another world. Oh yes, this story has now gone from simple revenge to veritable world hopping, with Kyo effectively being the tie which links to the two halves of this tale. As a spit of spoiler-ish foreshadowing this is arguably where things start picking up: Glass’ world is going to yield some serious changes for a few key characters, the nature of the waves and their control will become clearer, and Naofumi himself gets some further development Ost’s parting gift heralds the beginnings of. Mind you it’s anyone’s guess if we get to it all within the next six episodes (though should be plenty for two light novel volumes), but rest assured this season isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

If anything, what comes next is going to be crazier.




  1. I’m sorry to be “that” guy, but I have to be.

    I do hope things get better, but I’ve been pretty meh with this Tortoise arc. There’s been heavy focus on Rishia who I don’t think is main character material, I think Eclair is more interesting, but I’m fine with her having a Prince Canute moment, which she has, but more than that I hope she lets go of her pursuit of the Bow Hero. I feel like there’s just a problem with Rishia herself which is she’s not an interesting character to me. She has this change this episode, but I don’t care. I don’t think she’s a good addition to the party and she hasn’t contributed enough to feel like she’s earned her place here.

    Kyo is pretty one dimensional to me. He wants to collect souls because he wants to just because? I was fuming at how there were like 5 minutes where Naofumi could have wrecked him, but he gets away? It doesn’t feel like he got away because it made sense, he got away because the writer needed him to.

    I don’t feel anything for OST. Original Sound Track is a character that is just there. The only thing I can remember her doing is giving him the new shield, and she feels bad I guess…

    Side note I suppose, Season 1 did a good job with showing how Naofumi would gradually become stronger, you saw him work and earn new shields, and would showcase new shield powers at a good pace. This season he started using things like Meteor Shield, and he just gets this new Tortoise shield that feels very Deus Ex, but I guess I can argue that of the Rage Shields last season but at least the Rage Shields had a risk/reward usage.

    As much as this episode is well animated and is arguably the best so far…I was like “But why do I not feel anything?” I’m sorry but a lot of these moments do not feel earned. They just happen.

    1. Completely agree with you! I haven’t been feeling it this season. Rishia has just annoyed me so far and I can’t understand how all the characters have such a strong bond with OST. I hope things pick up story wise from here.

      1. I am a massive anime Shield Hero fan but I am totally with you here…..Been feeling nothing this season so far. No interest in the new guys or the villian. I was really really looking forward to this season as the last was so epic but 6 episodes to go to turn things around i guess. For now I will just enjoy Spy Family and SummerTime Render whose pacing is so much better with same amount of episodes.

    2. Honestly you’re far from the only one who doesn’t like the current arc. The Spirit Tortoise and (to an extent) the upcoming arc are some of Shield Hero’s weakest from a fan standpoint and the rushing (real or imagined) doesn’t help much either. A lot of it definitely comes down to the lack of character development or the grounding of motives: as you say Kyo, Rishia, and especially Ost are lacking in proper buildup, leading to the superficial stuff we got so far. Best comparison IMO is the development Raphtalia had in the last season, she got less than Naofumi but it was better paced and positioned story-wise.

      I will say though that the next arc is better as it (from what I remember) effectively returns to the original party with stronger links to the first season in terms of levelling up and fleshing out.

      You’ve pretty much summed up my take on it too. I find I write less for it every week because this season, while decent and fun in spots (like this week), doesn’t really stand out in the way the first did. A lot of this series’ strength derives from having Naofumi struggle and deal with the fallout of whatever disaster his fellow heroes have created, something this arc moved away from.

  2. Both Rishia and Ost feel so damn forced, All main characters are liking them as if they are traveling with them for years. It’s so weird after season 1 were he trusted like nobody.

    Also Rishia is too afraid to do anything for the whole season and then she gets a wierd powerup and complete different character for the last 5-7min? This feels soo bad.
    This whole season feels like a total different anime and not in a good way.


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