「刀の勇者」 (Katana no Yuusha)
“Katana Hero”

Well, did say this arc was devoted to the cutest cinnamon bun (no hurt only head pats) growth – and this week certainly proved the point. While not as laborious an affair as I expected this moment to be (rushing do be sucking at times), the important bits of Raphtalia development were had, plus a little more besides. With this latest change all the pieces have been placed on the board, now we just have to see how the game plays out.

After all the deviations and corner cutting earlier this season, the big development of Raphtalia effectively becoming a hero in her own right went about as well as it probably could have. Even if it could’ve been better. Outside of the usual pacing issues interfering with key scenes like Raphtalia picking up her new katana vassal and the reunion with Naofumi and crew, this episode also took a step back in terms of action and intrigue. For example, makes sense why antagonist no. 2 might want superweapon to crush the competition, but couldn’t the interlude to it been better fleshed out? And what about giving some added attention to Raphtalia’s ephemeral partnering with Glass and L’Arc? I’m not sure the totality of adaptation choices this season have been entirely bad (as the start to this arc proved), but episodes like this show more than a few have been poor.

On the plus side, however, comes where Raphtalia’s growth leads in terms of story. Her losing her slave crest for example is a nice way of showing just where the girl now is: she’s no longer looking up at Naofumi, she’s effectively his equal in terms of position and power (the offensive kind to boot), and no longer needs an excuse to stay with him. Raphtalia, as even Naofumi showed the world, is a permanent part of the Shield Hero’s party who needs not fear being abandoned, because it’s guaranteed Naofumi wouldn’t allow it. This sets up an interesting showdown with Kyo later on because unlike last time there won’t be any need for anyone like Rishia finding hidden powers to shut the guy down – the OG party can now handle that with ease.

Of course nothing is ever that simple in practice, but you can rest assured the upcoming showdown will provide plenty of opportunity to flaunt these new abilities. At least if production doesn’t drag it down again.




  1. Agreed the pacing was definitely poor this episode and more fleshing out of her travels with glass and co would have been welcomed. I was also bothered by the fact that raph and co could see the tigers were being controlled by those talisman and made no attempt to release them and just killed them. I was thinking they could be allies to summon somehow in the future. Seemed a bit heartless but that might just be me. Does the katana talk to her and tell her what its powers are and how to use it? Or just intuitive? I see this alot in anime and always wondered (and bothered by it).

    1. I imagine Raphtalia had no means to break the talismans and so went with the violent option, but yeah, it was something which could’ve used a line or two explanation at minimum. This was definitely an episode which should’ve been split over two weeks, not crammed into a single half hour.

  2. Can you believe we’re getting season 3 of this disaster? Why do we have to suffer Tokyo Ghoul all over again, such good source material, such garbage adaptation, these people who change up adaptation thinking they’re doing good but end up skipping a bunch of source material, change plot points and add non canon content should be reprimanded for a decade.

    1. Oh this is nowhere near Tokyo Ghoul levels of disaster yet, at least this season is largely sticking to the actual story and not going right off the rails! In the end it’s just going to be another example of what happens when adaptations favour reaching certain end points over proper pacing.

  3. This episode really handles bad the transition from “weakened, to level 1 and turned into kid” Raphtalia to “fully operational (and adult) deathtar… erm katana hero”
    In the terms of relationships, it could be good point to develop some – if not peacemaking, then at least attempt at mutual understanding between Raphtalia and Glass and Co. Why are you fighting? How differ our worlds horglkass systems and waves? Can be anything done to save both worlds?
    Same with Naofumi pretty much iognoring the wellspring of knowledge abouth the “other isekai” in the form of Kizuna… Apart from few plot-related tidbits, we get pretty much nothing beyond that heroes are crucial to military-political balance of power between Glassworld (TM) countries. If I would be isekaied into our world I would be gulping books on history and geography and current politics to understand where I ended up…

    1. The last part. Yes, some Isekai Anime things themselves as King Gilgamesh from Fate. “I am the Rule!”. Ignoring the World they come or try to rule it. Thats why some Isekai are AAA+ Pearls and other are not

    2. The lack of relationship development is what irks me at times too. For example there’s a clear Glass redemption phase in the works, yet we barely get anything on it thanks to how quickly the material is being sped through. The majority of this series’ strength comes from its characters and their interactions (particularly with Naofumi), dispensing with that just leaves a middling isekai.

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