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「リ・エスティーゼ王国」 (Ri Esutiize Oukoku)
“Re-Estize Kingdom”

Even after all this time, damn do I still have a soft spot for Overlord, regardless of heavy recaps and cameos. While this series has always gone above and beyond in terms of tangential stories and (arguably) superfluous characters, there’s always fun to be had, particularly when the pieces finally come together to reveal the picture at hand. Case in point this arc, because anytime you’re mixing yandere with obsessive demons and a kingdom desperate to survive, darling you’re looking at a very good time.

If this season’s opener wasn’t enough to confirm that Overlord won’t be wasting excessive time with the past (for the chagrin of anyone with bad memories), this episode puts it to bed by effectively throwing a kitchen sink’s worth of memberberries at us. The adventurers who adventured too deep; Brain who got his ass utterly handed to him; Climb the aspiring knight who has no idea what he’s signed up for with princess protection duty; and one Hilma who you may recall was gently convinced (read: tortured to hell and back) previously to join up with the superior skeleton crew. It really was a trip back along memory lane, though of course the big return was with Princess Renner who is well-known for her ‘unique’ personality and having willingly signed on to see her kingdom crushed. Why? Don’t worry, that’s what this season is here to answer.

To prove the latter point in particular, we got a good teaser of what’s to come courtesy of minor noble scheming and Albedo doing what she does best. I must admit I got a great kick out of the ballroom scene – having Albedo keep a straight face throughout knowing she’s going to blow at any moment was perfect, especially when paired with Hilma desperately hoping the result isn’t her getting raked over the coals (quite literally) once again. For all Philip is a throwaway character in the greater scheme of things the way this bit was adapted was really on point and has me quite eager on seeing just how well Madhouse does with the next few developments.

After all, anytime you’ve got Albedo of all people scheming to start a war rest assured what happens will be anything but boring.


ED Sequence

ED: 「No Man’s Dawn」by Mayu Maeshima


  1. I love so-bin’s art shown in the ED.

    Its time for Nazarick to begin laying the ground work for controlling the Kingdom. Zanac still thinks that Renner is still on his side is laughable, without Marquis Raeven by his side, he has lost quite of a bit of resources to rely on at the moment.

    Phillip is as obnoxious as I thought he was written, but I kinda expected him to be less appealing appearance wise. Hilma now knows the terror that Nazarick can wrought, just look at her scared expression when Albedo is offended. I can not recall what the imp-like shadow was suppose to be during the talk between Albedo and Renner. Is it a guard of sorts or something to forshadow whats to come.

    1. Shadow demon is a messenger and a tracker basically, Renner said “I understand, great ONES” so i assume shadow demon was just forwarding their talk with Albedo to Demiurge.


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