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As promised in the recent post regarding Random Curiosity’s latest changes, donations are coming to the site – and with this post said donations can now be considered live!

To start with (as some might’ve spotted already) you can find our Ko-Fi link in the righthand sidebar. This one is simple enough: like what we do? Want to give us a one-off cup of coffee? Feel free to do so with that link, that’s what it’s now there for!

The big one, however, is our new Patreon, which yes is also live and whose link can either be found right above the Ko-Fi one or right here in case you’d rather read on. After all, there’s just a tad more detail involved with it.

Patreon Details

Given we’re brand new to the whole Patreon thing we’re keeping it very simple for the moment. We have two different donation tiers set up, with the only difference between them being the $5 monthly snags you a nifty Discord tag in case you wanted to flaunt your love of us just that much (don’t deny, I know you want to). Prices are low too because hey, early access to previews/AOTY posts and giving us ideas to write about isn’t exactly worth $10+ a month we feel. We’re not here farm whales, we’re here to have fun writing about anime, and your help doing so is all we’re really asking for.

As for what our subscribers get – i.e. requesting show coverage and posts on particular topics or older show reviews – this naturally will come with some limitations for the sake of us avoiding burnout because we took on too much. These limits are as follows:

  • For the moment additional subscriber-requested show coverage will be restricted to 3-5 shows beyond our usual coverage (exact amount dependent on what we can handle that season). What this means is if we say cover 15 shows because they’re what interest us the most, we will take on up to an additional 3-5 shows subscribers asked for but were passed over by us. Frankly I expect a lot of overlap between our own choices and what subscribers will want so this limit shouldn’t come into play too much, outside the rare season where everything is interesting (*cough* like Fall 2022 *cough*).
  • Building on the above, each season every subscriber will be able to list one show they’d like to see covered. Duplicate requests will be noted, and in cases where we must triage our coverage for the aforementioned coverage limit, the shows most requested will be the ones we cover. Again, overlap is very likely the majority of the time so few (if any) subscriber requests should ever be missed.
  • As for post ideas, each subscriber can also commission a post or review from us once a month. Unlike show coverage these posts are easier to do, so our intention is working through these requests as they come in. It may take worst case a few weeks to see your commission on the site, but one way or another it will be posted. Oh and it goes without saying, duplicate requests will only see one post because repetition is boring 😛

With our Patreon now up you’re definitely free to sign up and start giving ideas, but note that anything you give us right now will apply for Fall 2022 (in terms of coverage) or your post idea for September.

Future Plans

Going forward we plan to keep fleshing out the Patreon and potentially introduce more offerings to give subscribers stuff beyond a means of providing feedback and requesting content. We have a few rough ideas on that already (such as introducing roundup-style posts to cover more shows in general), but if there’s anything you’d like to see definitely leave a comment on it, all input is welcome!

And since it cannot be repeated enough (especially as we kickstart this website’s next era), thank you once again for your support of Random Curiosity! Whether you ultimately choose to donate to us or not, your involvement with this site is what keeps us going, and if I have my way, Random Curiosity will keep going for a long time yet.

Now onto that Fall 2022 preview. Got to get it ready in time for that early release after all 😉


  1. I fear i’ve become too jaded to see how everything of fall is interesting this time but i suspect that is partially thanks to so much being sequels. ..
    On a more positive note, i am still amazed for how long you all have kept this site going without getting boring or getting greedy.. Great job on that ^_^
    Oh and cute gif as well 😛


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