「選別」 (Senbetsu)

Episode 08 of Kinsou no Vermeil sets the stage for the overarching plot for the remainder of the season as the seemingly undefeatable Iolite sets his sights on Alto and Vermeil. But while they gear up to attack the academy, Alto is roped into the Student Council where he’s pressured to get his exams all accounted for.


As if it was bad enough that Elena’s homicidal tendencies nearly urged her to kill Alto, he’s got a whole rogues gallery after his keester now. This time, it’s Iolite, whose main key traits are being overpowered, zany, and voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko. If you ask me, Okamoto’s voice is the character’s greatest strength as he sells Iolite’s lackadaisical sociopathy a lot more than we’ve seen from him so far.

They already established him as being powerful enough to murder one of the highest ranking, legendary Platinum Squares, but he’s also barely showed off for the camera. He threatens everyone around him, but he’s spent more time camping around in a basement than getting to show off. I can imagine them wanting to wait until he first shows up in front of Vermeil to show off his powers, but the foreshadowing makes him appear more cocky and annoying than his powers suggest.

On a kinder note, Alto seems to have integrated fairly well into the Student Council. There was one initial mess-up when he accidentally barged into their changing room (I didn’t expect Chris to be that well-endowed, but damn!), but all the girls except for Jessica treat it like it’s nothing. It’s kinda funny because she does the whole “wait until marriage” spiel and nobody in the room gives it that much energy and is surprised that she’s prudish enough to jump to that conclusion.


There’s also some minor tension when Alto realizes that the Student Council will have him on even more of a shitlist if he doesn’t pass the upcoming practical exams, but this is also made out to be not much of an issue. In fact, I’m pretty sure they went past second base that night because Vermeil looked like she was going for far more than just kissing on the bed. The only caveat about this is that the show still does this weird thing where Alto can go on this whole spiel about wanting to protect her and have her for herself, but still makes a massive deal about Vermeil taking his mana.

Realistically speaking, he should be more comfortable with her by this point. Now that they’ve been all but confirmed to be a couple, there shouldn’t be as much hesitation when it comes to merely pass mana through kisses. But as the episodes come and go, their interactions have been feeling a lot less consensual, especially when Alto starts writhing and yelping whenever Vermeil makes the moves on him.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see Marx again. I completely forgot about him since the show made him fade off in the distance, but he was a fun character as the jovial underachiever who is uplifted by nearly infectious enthusiasm and a soft spot for Alto. I know he’ll probably show up to get his shit kicked in during the exam because he’s not meant to be or look cool, but I’m cheering for the guy.


  1. Out of all the school council members, I don’t know why Jessica Schwarz is a member. I feel like Lilia is more of an interesting girl and more capable student. I find it hard to believe Jessica made it to the council and can’t seem to temper her emotions.

    Although Jessica Schwarz is annoying at least I get to see Chris Westland get screen time.

    Iolite has the kind of attitude that is meant to be squashed by the MC.

    Just what is Iolite after?

  2. Sooo, lets sum up:
    Regarding Iolite and his companions, there are no less than 3 platinum squares – and so powerful they are that they already killed or captured Cthulhu! – after Alto and Vermeil. Iolite VA is again great treat after Obsidian… (who, btw, has escaped custody and might reappear in the future). His motivation is obvious, more knowledge and power, standard mad mage or scientist fare.
    Of the other 2, pointy hat girl is strangelu quiet, while the paper-doll user seems to be most humane of the trio, expressing real shock after news of killing of the Head Priest.
    The student council doesnt even hide they coopted Alto to keep eye on him- and use his power if needed. Though they are being painted in more humane way following the “changing room” incident. The president, of them all seems most dangerous as she seems to be kinda fanatic type obsessed with “combating evil”…
    Dream sequence of Alto shows Vermeil ages ago befre she ahs been trapped in the book. It seems she caused some great destruction, and was apprehended by some mage, maybe the female one whose ghostly apparition asks Alto about his motivations… He might to have to chose in near future, saving Mankind or saving Vermeil.
    Speaking of Vermeil, she drifts more and more into softcore territory – not that I complain… We are stronlgy implied her nighttime mana sharing goes way beyopnd kissing now. No wonder Alto reacts a bit startled…
    The exam itself seems suspiciously geared to Alto – and possibly measuring his power. This spec-ops military mage is sus as hell!!!

    1. Funny, I feel the entire Student Council sus as hell. Maybe it because all the members have flamboyant personality. Or maybe that I don’t expect the Council Members to help when it counts,

      Let’s not forget these STUDENT Council Members have equal authority as the professors.

  3. Also found that clothes changing incident funny because of the non reaction of all but one of the girls. Jessica had the typical reaction to incidents like these, but because of the others, she started to wonder if she’s the strange one. Since she actually had the most cloths on out of the three, it probably highlighted even more on their different standards.


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