「揺るがぬ軌道」 (Yuruganu Kidō)
“The Unwavering Path”

What a silly game of tennis, complete with a mechanically moveable net and booby traps that change the ball’s trajectory. While I’m no expert at the sport, I do know that’s not how tennis goes. This takes things a little too far, crossing the baseline into just plain ridiculous. Even having a sniper in the air ducts-it keeps getting more and more ridiculous, I can’t take it seriously (at least as far as the past few episodes have been concerned). This is annoying because I enjoy Spy x Family on its good days. Come on, hitting a bullet with a tennis racket-there’s no way that’s possible (although, granted, the same could be said for this whole tennis arc). Even more ridiculous- Campbell, who was so intent on winning (I mean, who wouldn’t with all the money dumped into it), just accepted the win meekly, crying tears of joy about his son’s learning opportunity. Really? This calls for the silly police.

It ended too perfectly-they just so happened to bring a fake, Twilight happened to have the tools to pose as a servant, and everything worked out, walking away with the painting in their possession. It irritates me when things have a picture-perfect finish-too perfect for something that had little to no plausible build up. It seems like a mincemeat of spyish things thrown together and half baked in the oven before moving on to the next arc.

The moment when Loid crossed the distance between him and Fiona and Anya and Yor to go to Yor’s side beautifully encapsulated whose side Loid’s heart is truly on. There is a big difference between being a good workmate with someone and being someone’s romantic mate. I’m sure there are times when both can be true, but one obviously doesn’t equate with the other (in fact, I’ve often heard people advise that you shouldn’t work at the same place as your partner). It would be nice if Fiona got this through her head sooner rather than later for her own sake (but really, more for my own-I can’t stand her “let’s break up the Forgers” bit). Fiona’s homewrecker attitude is a bit stupid, really-it doesn’t take into account Twilight’s feelings, assuming he’s some kind of object who’ll willingly go along with her plans. Which obviously isn’t going to happen judging from Loid’s growing feelings for Yor.

I think I said this last week, but this whole obsession with catching Twilight/Loid’s feelings is disrespectful to the female characters- reducing them to women whose lives revolve around him, instead of being characters in their own right. Yes, Yor has her assassin work, but lately the show has deviated from that to focus on how Yor feels she needs Loid’s approval for her value in the family (a family which originally was just a cover up so she could continue doing assassin work on the sly), which doesn’t sit right with me. It bothers me that Fiona’s character centers all her hopes and dreams on getting with Twilight-not only is it annoying, it paints her in a superficial light. She has her own kick assery as a spy-it is demeaning to have her focus all of that purely for the sake of her crush, rather than being her own independent woman.

There’s nothing wrong, obviously, with a female character being in love. Indeed, it can add depth, if done right. However, if that’s what her whole character boils down to, it makes her into a 1D being who only exists because of and for the main male. I also feel bad for Loid. If I were in his shoes, I sure wouldn’t want people fighting over possession of me. For one thing, it’s a bother. For another thing, it’d make me feel like a piece of rare meat, particularly when one person cannot be a possession for someone else-that strips them of all dignity.

As a rather unsavory ending to a rather unsatisfactory arc, it turns out the coveted documents concealed by the code were a lecherous dude’s secret collection of actress’s photos. As clarification, I think the type of theatre he is referring to are all-female acting troupes like the Japanese Takarazuka Revue. Yeah, not the ending I was expecting. It was meant as some kind of joke, but I sure didn’t find it funny-just like the rest of this arc. It’s disappointing that I don’t have much good to say for a series, that up until now, was entertaining. If I remember correctly from the manga, I expect that upcoming material will be in better taste.



  1. After reading this part in the Manga I didn’t really come to an opinion, but now that this part of the story has been illustrated. I am thinking along the lines, “If you are going to go all out to cheat in an underground Tennis game. Might as well point a gun to to the opponents head and make them forfeit before getting the last shot in.”

    There is a 5 second scene at the end of the episode where Yor looked like she was lost in thought and it doesn’t seem like happy thought from her long face.

    1. Yes, Yor did look rather melancholy at the end. Taking a wild guess, I would assume it’s got something to do with Loid. Knowing Yor, it could also just as well be about something with her assassin work.

      Princess Usagi
  2. Dunno the source material, but the whole over-the-top fantasy tennis match
    was all about showing the contrast between Yor and Fiona. For all of Fiona’s
    “skill,” she’s no match for Yor’s natural abilities — and Yor’s beginning to realize
    her emotional investment in this project is far greater than she realizes. She’s
    genuinely invested in the “family” and shows it quite sincerely, I think.

    Spending quality time with Anya and “Bond,” worrying about whether Anya forgot
    something for school, working to improve her cooking skills, mercifully killing
    her targets,
    etc. are all above the “job requirements” and says tons about Yor’s
    character. I mean, who wouldn’t want a caring woman like Yor who can also
    expertly and considerately take out the trash when necessary!!

    Honestly, though, I wish the whole tennis match was a bit shorter but it was
    clever in its own right.

    Is this series going to continue into 2023 or are there just one or 2 episodes left?

    1. I believe there are 3 episodes left (13 total for this cour). To my knowledge, nothing has been announced for another season. I think more time is needed at any rate for more manga chapters to be released, so that there will be enough material for another season.

      Princess Usagi
  3. You know what’s even more ridiculous? A top-secret spy agency openly having its name on its agents’ gear for a covert operation!!
    Seriously, if the secret police had run into the Phonys, all they’d need would be the WISE label on their chest to find their two best spies.

    Weird D
    1. Ah, yes, I had noticed that too. They’re either naïve in assuming nobody at the match would notice (which strikes me as unlikely, given the very nature of their work) or are confident that they can defeat any enemies who come after them. Going by a name like “Phony” is also a dead giveaway. None of the other characters ever seem to notice, though.

      Princess Usagi
  4. Yes usually SPY X FAMILY is well balanced with its humor but here it really didn’t feel right. The match ended way too conveniently, even for all the strings Twilight pulls up his sleeve.


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