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OP: 「ENDLESS LABYRINTH」 by Everdream and Rock Panda

「平和で楽しい学園生活」 (Heiwa de Tanoshii Gakuen Seikatsu)
“Enjoying Our Time at School in Peace”

Rokudou no Onna-tachi offers comedic harem hijinks for those who are very much in the market for the same delinquents and ugly artwork that made Tokyo Revengers a hit anime. But while Rokudou’s journey into discovering bad girls has some promise, the mileage may vary on whether you would want to take it seriously or not.


Rokudou is positioned as an unfortunate youth who is stuck at the bottom of the food chain for unfair reasons, but in reality, he and his friends are perverts who are so obvious in their perversions that delinquents justifyingly treat them horribly. They come off less like shrimpy nerds getting victimized and more like scary creeps who would rather not assimilate into the student body if it means having to not come off as creepy. There are nerds in the school, but it seems like these three have made their perverted imagination public at some point for them to notice. It doesn’t help that Rokudou’s concept of women comes from either gender roles in films about the Edo period or the existence of women’s thighs.

I’m not the best judge of this, however, because I believe Rokudou’s grandpa is very much well-cultured. Having a family heirloom specifically to gather bad girls AND embrace it as an old fella? I’d like to see a prequel with Rokudou’s grandpa considering how he’s more than happy to be teaming with thick mammas, trendy gyaru, and bosozoku ladies. May your soul rest easy, Granddad.

To the trio’s defense though, they wound up in the crosshairs of quite the douche with Iinuma. The trio’s lust for Tsubaki may or may not be the catalyst behind why he’s got them in his crosshairs, but his problems might have been lessened if he didn’t go out-of-his-way to turn the trio and Rokudou into the antagonist of his life. He would’ve likely not gotten himself so humiliated if he didn’t keep those three in his head rent-free.

I feel bad for Himawari Ranna. She’s spent so much time skipping school as a scary delinquent, but our first main impression of what her personality is like is by the time she’s hopelessly mesmerized by Rokudou. It feels like she never got a chance to truly shine aside from the moments we see her getting violent. It also subjects her to the fact that she now has to push other girls off of Rokudou since the scroll works on more people than just her.

It’s hard to gauge what kind of show Rokudou no Onna-tachi will shape up to be. For the most part, it does tick boxes toward the fantasy of being surrounded by bad girls who want you. At the same time, its cast isn’t very appealing with its ugly designs and uglier personalities. The good guys are creeps, the bad guys are punchable, and all the girls don’t have any personality aside from wanting Rokudou because of the scroll. It makes the show a difficult sell, but I’m sure if you’re looking for a harem or a show with tough girls, this show wouldn’t be a bad place to start.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Love Will Find A Way」 by Daisuke “Dais” Miyachi, The Rampage, and Yuichi Ohno


  1. I don’t know I could take this Anime seriously, Rokudou’s ability to win over the bad girls isn’t really his. That insignia in his forehead hypnotizes those women. You can say none of those womens feelings are true.

  2. This one was so weird to watch. On one the hand, it’s so cliche and unoriginal. On the other hand, it’s taking a whole new approach to those cliches.
    I’m just not sure what to think of this


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