「父と子と」 (Chichi to Ko to)
“Father and Child”

Seems Witch from Mercury has been listening to all those complaints about it being purely school-life Gundam, at least if this week is anything to go by. Gone are the halcyon days of introverted redhead letting equally redheaded – yet thoroughly digitized – sister crush the student competition, replaced by the more familiar form of Gundam dispute settling. And teenage melodrama, cannot forget that either.

Considering how last season left off, it was a tad surprising that Guel didn’t show up until now. The kid after all was disparaged by his father, banished for his hotheaded pride, and rewarded for it at the end by committing patricide. It’s effectively fall from grace taken to its logical extreme, a guy who pulled the short end of the stick once and has always been reminded of the fact since. Such brutal setups, however, are always made with the intent of redemption down the line, and Guel’s is no exception. Having wound up on Earth as a hostage, he’s not only exposed to the dirtier side of what his own father (and his father’s company) got up to, but also forced to face his own actions and accept he must move past them. In Guel’s situation there’s no room for wallowing in self-pity – your life is literally on the line and no one has any interest in helping you survive. As Olcott (himself certain to be a noticeable character shortly) succinctly alluded Guel has hit rock bottom and it’s his responsibility to now start ascending from the depths.

Where this leads too is growing increasingly clear as every major player starts making their move. Shaddiq of course is obvious: he wants the big chair, and in the usual Gundam fashion thinks he can ride the tiger and keep the free-for-all of war and politics nicely controlled through some deliberate donation of corporate resources. In practice he’s destined to fail, and not just because of his hubris – Guel for one will be coming for Shaddiq once he learns who was responsible for the latest course of events, and I wouldn’t necessarily count Shaddiq’s adopted father Sarius out either, especially considering how many companies part of Benerit who might have a problem with their assets being arbitrarily sold off. Then there’s the matter of Prospera, Quiet Zero, and Miorine’s own actions which are guaranteed to put that little scheme into action and commence the true conflict of this series.

All roads now are leading towards a grand showdown, one that will see some interesting alliances and even more fascinating dilemmas on the part of some key characters. The only major thing we have to find out now is just what Quiet Zero is actually meant to do – and just how Suletta is going to factor into its use.




  1. Problem with resistance force or rebel army nowadays engaging in Guerilla Warfare being a belligerent; intermingling with civilian, but complains when casualty is barely distinguished between each other. This is why Geneva noted on Red Cross symbol not being misused even if Mao Zedong’s on Guerilla suggested for guerilla to swim like fish among people. Kyoukai Senkou ARMAIM give it a positive note, while Geass had Lelouch as Zero boldly note “Don’t involve Civilian! Make up your mind! Take the path of Righteousness!” . And Dawn of Fold was even less organized and amateurish compared to League Militaire from V Gundam even with their logistic problem….heck, The Vulture and Orcs from Gundam X even had better proffesionalism and they are not even a real PMC.

    Sooo… anyone got what’s Shaddiq game plan will be? Be Anaheim because he is not content the Benerit Group just acting as LOGOS like in Seed or Destiny? Or was it some crazy Zero Sum Game where he tries to create Cold War crisis but cooler like Kojima and Metal Gear propose War of Economy through the Patriots? Or was it some insane brokering like “both have the capability of nuclear warfare but noone dares the risk of starting world war 3”?

    Well, whatever it is i am sure he will fail and his smug confidence will be shattered when he realize that humanity greed is unstoppable nor it is had any bound. In Turn A, Guin Sard Rainford think he was clever enough to make a deal with Agrippa Maintaner or Gym Ghingham…not knowing he is just making clown of himself…. at least the real Jinn Jahannam had Usso, Shaddiq machination felt a bit premature …

    … i think Miorine’s mom is insane, using plant survival method as logical fallacy to solve humanity problem; as crazier than suggesting to turn vegan or eat bugs or insect instead of expanding farming and animal husbandry into more efficient and productive using technology…. well, admitedly haven’t heard the detail… but the premise seems dumb, especially noting that she had no STEM background to support her opinion…. i mena one of plant method of survival is foliage shedding to preserve nutrient and water…. so if we translate it using human logic…. it is population control; decimate some or few to preserve resource for the well being of many…. well, i would hate to be one of that ‘few’ or ‘many’.

    1. About Miorine’s Mom’s solution “Quiet Zero” the underlining problem here is us Humans, no matter where we are in space or on Earth we can’t help but choose violence as our first option when we are continuously oppressed. So the solution is to remove all evil thoughts and make everyone think the same, which is the most humane solution we humans can think of. We, humans, haven’t evolved, we simply invented more efficient weapons to kill each other when we are afraid.

    1. @RenaSayers

      Well that’s tantamount castration. How could the idea of removing ‘evil’ thought (as in individuality and free thinking,) and force everyone think the same can even be considered the same? Beside that is not how plant do, it is commonly done by insect; the hive mind.

      Beside, evil is such subjective term. Aside from sets of rules and regulation, sometimes a certain condition or situation might changes its definition. i.e. carneades plank

  2. That little spat that Norea had with Nika was interesting. I didn’t think Norea cared that much for Sophie. Would it have killed Norea to show a little emotion before starting a huge fight during the training session?

    Guel situation is unfortunate and made worse by seeing how that Earthian girl Seethia ended up dead in his arms. So I guess Guel is the Grimm Reaper. I see why Olcott left her behind assuming Olcott knew that Seethia didn’t have long the kid would have been dead weight. Still leaving a dying child behind leave a bad taste in my mouth. At least Guel gave her a burial.


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