OP Sequence

OP: 「plan」 by (Saori Hayami)

「月と星の数式」 (Tsuki to Hoshi no Suushiki)
“Formulas for the Moon and Stars”

We all know that Nasa is a super kind, sweet guy, but surely there must be some reasonable limits to niceness? Yanagi/ her school asking Nasa to guest lecture a programming course- for free- is really taking advantage of him. It’s a lot of work being a teacher, not to mention that Nasa has a lot of experience and this is taking away from his actual work that pays the bills. Surely he should get some sort of compensation.

If there were one word to describe this class of girls, it would be loud- very loud. Their noise volume rivals that of my preschool students. Their ages really puts into perspective how young Nasa is- he seems mature what with all his smarts and being a married man already, but really, at 18, he’s probably only 3 years older than these high school girls. Not only are these girls loud, but they’re invasive- asking for personal information like his name and advice on love (“He’s a player” was a funny misunderstanding though she should seriously either talk it out with the guy if it is just anxiety or just find another boyfriend who’ll actually pay attention to her). Even worse, these students stalk Nasa to get the scoop on Tsukasa. I’m not really liking these girls so far.

Maybe I’m just a straightforward person, but I really don’t see the appeal in making someone jealous because you find it cute- actually I don’t find jealousy all that cute to begin with. But whatever, Tsukasa and Nasa each take the advice given to them to prod Tsukasa into kawaii jealous mode. Tsukasa seriously has no reason to worry about Nasa working at an all girls’ high school. For one, he’s so head over heels for her, no-one else is going to change that. For another, he’s married, got the ring to show it, and is a trustworthy guy, so illicit relations with his students would probably be the last thing he’d ever do. Tsukasa milks the jealousy thing for what it’s worth, getting a litany of praises from hubby.

More importantly, we have another moon princess in our midst- this one actually named Kaguya. We don’t see much of her, but from what the other students say, she’s apparently smart and takes things at her pace- which means not showing up to class. It’s either a chuunibyou phase with her or she’s got to have some connection with Tsukasa, maybe a long lost cousin or something of the sort. Kaguya’s calculations of a trip to the moon kind of fit in with the latter. Nasa is such a positive person, taking the time to write in the calculations for a return trip to earth, noticing the calculations only went so far as one way.



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