OP Sequence

OP: 「Tailwind」 by Kanae

「ノリと勢い -Told ya, roller coaster.-」 (Nori to Ikioi: Told Ya, Roller Coaster.)
“Enthusiasm and Spirit: Told Ya, Roller Coaster.”

Episode 02 of Overtake! drives Madoka to get invested in Haruka’s efforts to bring pride to Komaki Motors. But only time will tell as to whether Madoka’s help is a blessing or a curse as his current efforts have only thrown more egg on Haruka’s face.


It’s hard not to come away from Episode 02 without seeing Madoka as someone way out of his element. Here he comes thinking that he can magically solve their sponsorship issues with a couple grand, and Haruka schools him on exactly how much it costs to have even the simplest of tires replenished for each race.

On top of this, he lines up every sponsor who could feasibly support Haruka only to show up on the one day that Haruka faces outright defeat. Add that up with the possibility of Madoka’s photo of Haruka crying getting plastered on the same newspapers he sells for tire money, and it really feels like Madoka’s help hasn’t been very helpful.

To his credit though, it is still very early into the story, and much of his motivation to seek out more reliable sponsorship with restaurants comes after learning about why Futoshi decided to adopt Haruka. It’d be odd if they commit to Madoka’s work not paying off since, at the very least, he is taking their rivals’ words to heart with regards to seeking out funding and sticker ads. And with their very first sticker ad being from a kid who loves the super sentai series Raceman“, it’s good to see they’ve found a few devoted fans this quickly.

ED Sequence

ED: 「グッドラック」 (Good Luck) by Hatanaka Tasuku

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