「コロスコロスコロスコロスコロス」 (Korosu Korosu Korosu Korosu Korosu)
“Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill”

The good news is that Migi and Dali finally make up in Migi to Dali. The bad news is that everything else is going downhill as Eiji’s mother Reiko is willing to kill them if it means keeping her son’s secret safe.


One of my regrets about my favorite seiyuu list was that I hadn’t included Romi Park, who I’ve idolized for her roles as Loran Cehack, Edward Elric, Naoto Shirogane, Ragyo Kiryuin, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Zidane Tribal, Abiel, and many other iconic roles. It’s been a delight to see her work her magic as Reiko in this series, and this episode is no exception as she knocks this one out of the park.

The animation already casts such a dark, foreboding shadow over Reiko as her piercing stare and ruby eyes cut through the darkness to strike fear into the hearts of her foes. Likewise, Romi’s voice captures Reiko’s ice cold demeanor as she shifts effortlessly between a stern, attentive mother and a stone-cold killer. Driven by unbridled bloodlust, it’s genuinely scary to see how quickly Reiko flips on a dime the moment that its made apparent that people know her son’s secret.

What’s fascinating is that it’s less of a complete personality shift and more of a gradual push from one extreme to the next. When Reiko aims for intimidation, her voice drags and meanders to a raspy, low pitch, as if to capture the feeling of staring down a grizzly bear. At her most excited, she drops any pretense of decorum by verbalizing her bloodlust and cackling to herself.

Another interesting detail that might just be her main flaw is how she’s prone to being very haughty about how much she’s been able to get away with. As she drugs Hitori’s parents and plans to kill the twins, she channels all of her intimidation into the confident boasting she does to ensure that she’ll come out on top. Her celebratory laughter is both frightening and short-sighted as it buys the twins enough time to keep playing into her darkly jovial mood as help is on the way.

It’s what makes it weird that Hitori is a potential suspect in Micchan’s stabbing. It was cool to see Micchan return from nearly dying to save the twins and let the cat out of the bag about Eiji not being her child. At the same time, the happiness from Migi and Dali making up is dashed away when their new parents have to deal with the cops questioning them about whether Hitori might’ve been involved with the stabbing.

Reiko was the last person their parents saw, so it’d be weird if they didn’t mention that or the tea to the police. At the same time, I could see it being a situation where it escalates the stakes even higher if they aren’t able to communicate who might’ve done this, forcing Migi and Dali to have to maneuver around Reiko and the police to uncover the truth for the village to see.

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