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OP: 「遊歩」 (Yuuho) by Ivudot

「我らにも癒しは必要だ」 (Warera ni mo Iyashi wa Hitsuyou Da)
“Even We Need Some Healing, Too”

The first episode of Kyuujitsu no Warumono-san captures the true essence of a relaxing time away from work on the weekend. It’s ironic that it airs on Sundays because the anime understands that wonderful, last little bit of freedom before the work week begins.


I’ve heard the joke “Slice-of-life fans whenever the Convenience Store arc hits differently,” before, but the first episode of Kyuujitsu no Warumono-san is a great argument for why the Convenience Store arc does, in fact, hit differently. Much of the humor is built around all of the little things about humanity that Warumono-san appreciates in the midst of his humanity-destroying campaign, so every convenience store run he makes is one more gradual shift towards holding off on his initial plans for conquest.

His penchant for pandas and red sweet potato soft serve ice cream gives him the opportunity to connect with people who he would’ve considered to be his fiercest enemies or inevitable sacrifices. But for the weekends that he truly values above all else, it’s his window into the kind of life he could always embrace if his 9-to-5 didn’t involve putting an end to all weekends on Earth.

It’s hilarious to see how extreme he takes every mild inconvenience as he swears bloody vengeance against humanity for the most minute complaints. Losing access to his favorite ice cream or having to get the extra spicy curry reaffirms his notion to end all life on Earth only for him to be pleasantly surprised when something as simple as a nature documentary could soothe him and make his day off less harrowing.

The side characters are hilarious too as they bounce off of Warumono’s cold, stand-offish side very well. The Rangers have a ton of potential if Dawn Red is anything to go off of. Dawn Red is probably my favorite character so far as he is relatively cordial with the disguised Warumono, going so far as to honoring his truce if it means he can help him out with directions. Sora and Mugi were funny as well with their reconnaissance work making everyone around them uncomfortable with the notion that Warumono is not their father.

Kyuujitsu no Warumono-san’s first episode is a comforting break from the hustle and bustle of the 9 hour work day. By making a slice-of-life from a super sentai premise, it acts as both a loving parody to this particular brand of tokusatsu and a fun twist on the eternal struggle between Earth’s watchful defenders and the planet’s most fearsome foes.

It’s fun to see Warumono start to cherish the little things he experiences, promising to hold onto the positive memories and preserve them even while swearing to destroy everything. The timing of each joke makes every laugh well-earned, and it’s nice to have a light, airy experience with a touch of danger as Warumono wakes up to smell the roses he vows to decimate with his touch.

ED Sequence

ED: 「休息充電」 (Kyuusoku Juuden) by GLASGOW

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