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“It’s Like a Game”

Okay so at least for me this is where Solo Leveling starts to pick up – finally, we see Sung change even if it’s just a little bit. I finally realized what was the thing that made me not like him in the beginning of the story – as I might have forgotten everything that happened afterwards, and how likeable he becomes.

That he never did anything to counteract how weak he was. Instead, he just decided to continue to exploit other people. In that scene where he is told to sit in the background and not do anything he smiles and asks for forgiveness, instead of trying. Even if those things were wrong in some way or caused trouble for others the important thing is that he had to keep trying. Spiderman always gets up for a reason – no matter how many times you are battered down – if you pick yourself up and continue – that’s where you’re true strength lies. I don’t know – Sung is really on his way to becoming a proper hero now that he has that leveling-up system in his grasp.

Nevertheless, he still decides to ignore the screens in front of him like it’s nothing and goes to sleep – in the process he gets sent to the punishment zone where he has to run away from giant caterpillars that are going to eat him if he doesn’t do something about it. Sometimes you need that rude awakening in order to truly understand the thing that you have to do, the thing you have to do to grow stronger and get better. Even if Sung doesn’t have a lot of magic in his previous life – it would be wise to follow the regimen he is now following but instead he just kinda wanted the easy life without truly understanding the consequences of what might happen. It’s people’s lives that are on the line and it should feel that way but because he was pushed aside for being weak that never actually materialized. I don’t know – what do you think? Of course, this is only my opinion.

Some time has passed and Sung gets a special key to an instance dungeon that seems to be part of another reality but is still part of the dungeons that appear across Korea. Or at least that’s what it would seem like – but it is a little different as explained in the episode. Will Sung be able to make it out of the fight with the red wolf or will he die a horrible death? That’s for next week’s episode to decide. Anyway, overall a short review because this episode sets what other episodes might excel at. I am finding the political side of it a little drab but I believe that came with the comic as well – hopefully, it doesn’t stick around for too long or we have episodes with just talking heads. The selling point of this series is the action.

So what are you’re thoughts now that it has officially been 3 episodes? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I still don’t think it’s good (really trope-y right now), but it at least held my interest long enough to watch the whole episode this time.

    Maybe I’m just a sucker for series with this kind of RPG type power setup, but I’m still watching at least


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