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悪魔と策謀」 (Akuma to Sakubō)
“Demons and Strategies”

All right everyone! It’s time to bring back the lovely slime anime! As you all might remember I did the review for the last season of the anime and now we’re back, bringing you coverage of the third season. First, let me say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the anime was going to be 24 episodes. I tend to prefer longer series now because coverage is a lot easier as you don’t have to move from one series to another season to season. I much rather prefer sticking to one series and having the excuse of not being able to cover anything else during the change of the season. Just a personal preference I’ve grown to accommodate over the several seasons I’ve written for RC. Feels like a full-circle moment.

Nevertheless, I know some of you are very excited to have coverage for this series so let’s get right down to it!

Oh and by the way I did see the movie in theaters and everything so I’m all caught up. All right let’s go!

So this episode sees Diablo (Sakurai, Takahiro) telling a story to Rimuru, and all the events played out are sort of given to us in a flashback sequence, but still new to us as Diablo going on about this little political excursion with the kingdom that has declared war on the Tempest Nation has seen its demise. What’s more the King and some of his followers were left alive after Rimuru tore them a new one but in a Made in Abyss level of inhuman. Like they were just left as a living corpse in a box. The power of Diablo is truly terrifying. Thankfully he is on our side, and that’s the side of Rimuru. Of course, there was this one guy who kept complaining that they weren’t following proper etiquette or whatever, but thankfully he was iced up. And Diablo seemed to calm down a bit. Otherwise, that room would be full of bloodshed. Good thing Diablo decided to spare them all today, something that wouldn’t exactly be good for the war that has been declared on Tempest Nation, thankfully Diablo gave these people a post-mortem solution. Now it’s up to them to take it. They just have to pay the measly sum change of 6,596,524,000.00 USD. (Give or take since I converted it from YEN to USD.) That’s quite a lot of money if I might add myself, but of course, we’re talking about war reparations so it should be fine.

On the other hand, it was very cute seeing Veldora (Maeno, Tomoaki) get all moody over a couple of sweets, he’s just the cutest! lol You know I have a soft spot for him. Anyway – what else? Oh right, I loved seeing Raphael (Toyoguchi, Megumi) again and now it seems Rimuru has the ability to make food, hence why he was able to make the flan at the end there. LOL, Just another cute aspect of this series! I am still very much in love with how they portrayed Raphael, it just add such a level of dynamism and power that other series fail to replicate. The spell-casting system in Tensura is just so good!

Nevertheless, what is your opinion, leave it in the comments! See you next week! 🙂

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ED: 「」 (Believer) by (Rin Kurusu (来栖りん))

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  1. It’s only funny that the person adding oil to the fire gets iced. Seriously having to be all omnipotent and having allies that are just as so epically powerful, can’t help but feel invincible. Yay for another season!

    random viewer

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