OP Sequence

OP: 「レイドバックジャーニー」 (Laid-back Journey) by Kiminone

「次, どこ行こうか」 (Tsugi, Doko Ikouka)
Where Should We Go Next?

With a series like Yuru Camp, the main question isn’t “What is there left to do?” but rather “Where will they go next?” Although much of the anime has been centered around sites near Mount Fuji and slightly near its vicinity, perhaps Season 03 will beg to question what it means for Yuru Camp to stretch its wings beyond Fuji.


In between the last two seasons, travelogs across Japan have become quite popular overseas. Many of these focus on cities, but have dabbled in the accessibility that some outdoor areas in Japan have towards sightseeing and camping, especially if it means getting to see Mount Fuji from several angles. It makes it interesting to return to Yuru Camp and see that things are scaled down a bit since our last excursion.

With so much of their money spent on Season 02’s trip, it was funny to see how the club had to make due and see how they could plan another camping venture without breaking the bank. Because so much of this episode focused on in-school club activities, it was a great way of getting back in touch with our main cast.

Chiaki got the spotlight this time around as she helped the girls make alcohol stoves for times of emergency, and will be using their next outing to cut her hair. Hair in particular is a fascinating way that Yuru Camp shows you the passage of time. Where seeing Chiaki and Ena’s hair looking a bit shaggy is the story’s way of telling you how much time has passed since they’ve all gotten to know each other.

While they received some development by honing in on their physical appearance, Rin’s growth is shown in this episode through her bond with her grandfather. She still thinks of the trips she made with him, including the time they stopped by Tsugu Park after a trip to the dam. She still uses her grandfather’s guidance to this day as she applies his teachings and kindness as she does some solo camping in Lake Shojiko.

Yuru Camp might still have its sights set on more scenic views of Mount Fuji, it’s interesting to see how they continue to redefine what a camping excursion should be like. As the three girls and Ena plan to camp out in Ena’s backyard, the next batch of episodes are looking to show you the kind of outdoor fun that you can have in the comfort of your own yard.

ED Sequence

ED: 「So Precious」 by Asaka


  1. I need some time to get used to the art. The OP’s art should be redone. The rest of the episode looks like a lot of shortcuts were taken. The characters look more simple.

  2. Glad to see 8bit retained the general vibe C-Station used for its adaptation, albeit maybe with slightly different character design and lower animation quality.
    Where will they go next? That’s the question! But to be honest there’s so many incredible camping & scenic sites in Japan, I don’t care much about the “where”, I just want that camping comfyness vibe it provides!


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