Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen – 13

「青と藍」 (Ao to Ai)
“Blue and Indigo”

In a series with too many characters in insignificant roles already, XEBEC somehow felt the need to introduce a new main/sub character in the second half of Argevollen. Enter Natalie Namie Portman (Uchida Maaya)—a talented pilot in training but inexperienced with real-world combat.

Haikyuu!! – 24

「脱・“孤独の王様”」 (Datsu, “Kodoku no Oosama”)
“The Former, ‘King of Solitude'”

As far as this adaptation of Haikyuu is concerned, this episode is the finale. The past five episodes depicting Karasuno’s match against Aoba Jousai have culminated to this third set, win-by-two moment, and it ends in a way that’s not as surprising as one would think. Or at least, not as surprising to me as it may have been to some other viewers.

Haikyuu!! – 23

「流れを変える一本」 (Nagare wo Kaeru Ippon)
“The Point that Changes the Momentum”

Once again, Haikyuu surprises with its developments. Just when I thought this episode was going to focus entirely on Hinata being the ultimate decoy, it throws me a huge and unexpected curve ball float serve–Yamaguchi subs in as a serve specialist for Karasuno.