Introduction – A New Writer? Shocking Surprise!

Pancakes 1

A new writer out of the blue? Is this real life? Well boys and girls it certainly is. Stilts and crew were gracious enough to offer me a spot here at RandomC and I simply could not refuse. So who just signed onto Kyuubey’s onerous contract? Some probably know me already from the occasional comment, but for the uninitiated I am Pancakes, the tasty breakfast delight. Canadian by birth and home, I am currently working on a chemical engineering degree, because money is a necessity and nothing screams money quite like oil and pharmaceuticals. I did have dreams to be a doctor, but some dreams are not meant to be.

My anime experience is like many others. I started out in elementary school with the trifecta of Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Digimon before quickly ascending into the magic of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh. By the time grade eight rolled around, however, social standing took precedence and my anime watching ended. What got me back into anime (and incidentally made me an anime addict) was this little show called Code Geass. I was bored one day during my first degree (biology) so plugged it in. I never became hooked on something faster. Binged the entire series over a week, went searching for more, and never looked back. By time of graduation in 2013 I was a convert to watching anime as it aired.