Introduction – Just Saiyan Hello!

Hello dear readers! My name is Yaseen Hijazi and I’m a freelance writer who happens to have a great passion for anime! I love watching anime and collecting merchandise of my favourite shows, but most importantly, I love discussing and reviewing my favourite shows with friends and family, or even with an online audience.

That being said, it’s no surprise I was ecstatic to be offered a spot on RandomC’s writing team! Writing about the things I love is a dream come true and I intend to do my best for my nakamas here at RandomC and for all you awesome readers and lovers of anime!

So, a bit about myself and my anime first love series, it was definitely Dragon Ball Z that hooked me into this beautiful world. My clearest memory as a 5-year-old was seeing the Cell Games Saga airing on Cartoon Network in the early hours of the morning as I headed out to kindergarten. Seeing the awe-inspiring action and sheer talent in the animating of this series was out of this world for my baby eyes to comprehend. Growing up with two older brothers, DBZ played a huge part in getting us into play fights at home, karate classes and even shaping some of our ‘heroic’ morals and sense of justice.