A-Channel – 02

「雨の日はお風呂, As Rain Fell」 (Ame no Hi ha Ofuro)
“A Bath on a Rainy Day, As Rain Fell”

In terms of pure randomness, A-Channel manages to keep putting little twists on a normal everyday life. Sure forgetting to put on your sock could happen to just anyone, but how many girls forget to put on pantsu before leaving the house? Better yet, if given the opportunity, would you take a peek if someone said they weren’t wearing their pantsu?

A-Channel – 01

「好き, An April Day」 (Suki)
“Love, An April Day”

A-Channel isn’t your average, run of the mill slice of life. It’s more of your real life situation, feelings of doubt and rejection; totally serious yet totally not serious at the same time, slice of life. I know that you readers were comparing A-Channel to Nichijou a while back, and I’m glad to see that A-Channel feels completely different in nearly every aspect — something which makes me happy.