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A-Channel – 12 (END)

「宇宙人 – Anytime」 (Uchujin)
“Alien – Anytime”

In a sort of anti-climatic way, A-channel comes to a close. But I suppose going out on such a low key fits this show perfectly. With the main cast of characters all getting at least a few seconds of screen time, it felt pretty satisfying for an ending.

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A-Channel – 11

「たんじょうび – Allow Me」 (Tanjyoubi)
“Birthday – Allow Me”

Back in High School, I remember that all my friends were a grade higher than me. In an Azusa-like situation, I can’t help but feel really bad for Tooru as she tries to figure out just exactly how to control those emotions of hers. But even as much as I don’t want to compare A-Channel with K-On, wouldn’t Tooru be what you’d get if you combined Azusa and Ui?

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A-Channel 10

「炭酸 – Act Up」 (Tansan)
“Carbonation – Act Up”

With winter finally upon us, it seems fitting that we’d go through every single season in a single cour. I’d have to say that the best thing that’s happened thus far would be watching just how much our main cast of characters have (or in Run’s case haven’t) changed.

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A-Channel – 09

「プレゼント – Abstract Art」 (Present)
“Present – Abstract Art”

While I can’t put my finger on it, something didn’t feel quite right this week. Unlike Nichijou which survives off of its unique humor and extreme randomness, A-Channel just doesn’t feel right with all these different random elements coming into play. At the same time, I wish that they’d integrate the “different then the norm” pairings. Instead of seeing Nagi with Yuuko and Tooru with Run, it was really fun watching things get jumbled up.

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A-Channel – 08

「新学期 – Abnormal Circumstance」 (Shin Gakki)
“New Semester – Abnormal Circumstance”

In what feels like an answer from the gods, everything’s been turned upside down and inside out — but in a fun and entertaining way. It felt really refreshing to get a closer look at some of the side characters who populate this show. Instead of constantly watching our group of four live their lives, I was overjoyed to watch Miho and Yutaka get nearly half the episode to themselves.

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A-Channel – 07

「夏祭り – August’s End」 (Natsu Matsuri)
“Summer Festival – August’s End”

Whether it be because of how things were done this episode or because of what’s going on in my own life right now, A-channel really got me emotional this week. It felt like a walk down memory lane, back during the times when life was still simple and everyone was worried about not growing up fast enough.

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A-Channel – 06

「真夏の夜の・・・ – A school in summer」 (Manatsu no Yoru no…)
“A Midsummer Night… – A school in summer”

At this point, it’s refreshing that watching Tooru and Run run through their routines at the beginning of each episode still makes me chuckle every time.

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A-Channel – 05

「海 – An Ocean Far Away」 (Umi)
“Ocean – An Ocean Far Away”

It just occurred to me, but I started to feel really bad for Tooru after I started thinking about all the stuff she has to endure with that body of hers. From not being able to wear a sexy white bathing siut, her socks falling down all the time, to wearing the same school swimsuit since elementary school. None of these things sound really fun do they?

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A-Channel – 04

「きろぐらむ – Attention to Your Weight」 (Kiroguramu)
“Kilogram – Attention to Your Weight”

Tohru is officially the master at trolling. I suppose her methods would be a little more discrete if you were to compare her to a master troller like Mai, but hey, it still works pretty well.

Added the insert song in hopes for more exposure!

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A-Channel – 03

「同級生 – All Good To Go」 (Doukyuusei)
“Classmates – All Good to Go”

Who would have thought that Tohru would be the perfect, well-mannered student? Surprisingly enough, I never expected that Run could prove herself to more air-headed than ever.

Plus, bonus insert song included this week!

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A-Channel – 02

「雨の日はお風呂, As Rain Fell」 (Ame no Hi ha Ofuro)
“A Bath on a Rainy Day, As Rain Fell”

In terms of pure randomness, A-Channel manages to keep putting little twists on a normal everyday life. Sure forgetting to put on your sock could happen to just anyone, but how many girls forget to put on pantsu before leaving the house? Better yet, if given the opportunity, would you take a peek if someone said they weren’t wearing their pantsu?

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A-Channel – 01

「好き, An April Day」 (Suki)
“Love, An April Day”

A-Channel isn’t your average, run of the mill slice of life. It’s more of your real life situation, feelings of doubt and rejection; totally serious yet totally not serious at the same time, slice of life. I know that you readers were comparing A-Channel to Nichijou a while back, and I’m glad to see that A-Channel feels completely different in nearly every aspect — something which makes me happy.

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