A-Channel – 11

「たんじょうび – Allow Me」 (Tanjyoubi)
“Birthday – Allow Me”

Back in High School, I remember that all my friends were a grade higher than me. In an Azusa-like situation, I can’t help but feel really bad for Tooru as she tries to figure out just exactly how to control those emotions of hers. But even as much as I don’t want to compare A-Channel with K-On, wouldn’t Tooru be what you’d get if you combined Azusa and Ui?

A-Channel – 09

「プレゼント – Abstract Art」 (Present)
“Present – Abstract Art”

While I can’t put my finger on it, something didn’t feel quite right this week. Unlike Nichijou which survives off of its unique humor and extreme randomness, A-Channel just doesn’t feel right with all these different random elements coming into play. At the same time, I wish that they’d integrate the “different then the norm” pairings. Instead of seeing Nagi with Yuuko and Tooru with Run, it was really fun watching things get jumbled up.

A-Channel – 08

「新学期 – Abnormal Circumstance」 (Shin Gakki)
“New Semester – Abnormal Circumstance”

In what feels like an answer from the gods, everything’s been turned upside down and inside out — but in a fun and entertaining way. It felt really refreshing to get a closer look at some of the side characters who populate this show. Instead of constantly watching our group of four live their lives, I was overjoyed to watch Miho and Yutaka get nearly half the episode to themselves.

A-Channel – 07

「夏祭り – August’s End」 (Natsu Matsuri)
“Summer Festival – August’s End”

Whether it be because of how things were done this episode or because of what’s going on in my own life right now, A-channel really got me emotional this week. It felt like a walk down memory lane, back during the times when life was still simple and everyone was worried about not growing up fast enough.

A-Channel – 05

「海 – An Ocean Far Away」 (Umi)
“Ocean – An Ocean Far Away”

It just occurred to me, but I started to feel really bad for Tooru after I started thinking about all the stuff she has to endure with that body of hers. From not being able to wear a sexy white bathing siut, her socks falling down all the time, to wearing the same school swimsuit since elementary school. None of these things sound really fun do they?