「夏祭り – August’s End」 (Natsu Matsuri)
“Summer Festival – August’s End”

Whether it be because of how things were done this episode or because of what’s going on in my own life right now, A-channel really got me emotional this week. It felt like a walk down memory lane, back during the times when life was still simple and everyone was worried about not growing up fast enough.

For those of you who haven’t been to Karaoke before, it’s a very fun experience especially when it’s your first time. While Tooru might be a slightly exaggerated case, overcoming the fear of singing in-front of your peers and learning to enjoy yourself is something I’ll never forget. For those of you who are still with me, remember the times when you were staring into the song book endlessly looking and never finding that one song you knew you could sing perfectly? While it was obvious that Tooru wasn’t comfortable with singing, when everyone gathered around and gave Tooru the encouragement to try singing, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to contain myself. The vivid picture of true friendship was shining so brightly through her smile.

On the other hand, it was a little odd that there wasn’t an insert song this week — I suppose the whole cast actually singing as if they were at Karaoke is probably a good substitute. Personally, I was already surprised when a trip to Karaoke was actually animated and given real songs. I can just picture all the seiyuu standing in that recording studio having a good time singing along together. The most entertaining part of Karaoke had to be watching Satou-sensei, or more accurately Ono Daisuke, sing their heart out while exuding that creepy aura. You’d probably mistake him for a normal guy with strange taste in clothes, if it weren’t for his strange fascination for Run.

I don’t know about you, but I thought that Run had something planned when she caught Tooru being defeated by her small stature. As airheaded as she may be, I think that her feelings toward her friends are so genuine that it gives her the momentary ability to produce those heartwarming “OMG” moments. Unfortunately, nothing really came from that look of concern she had. If I were to make a guess about a future episode, I’d hope that she has nice surprise waiting for Tooru; something to help her gain that mature appeal she wants.

Even though Yuuko already acknowledged that she looks fine the way she is, I get the feeling that Nagi had her diet antics aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind if she kept curling her hair, since I think it gives her the edge she needs to rival Yuuko in terms of appearance. With Miho and Yutaka making their stealthy appearance, I’m still hoping that they get some more screen time once the school year rolls around. Closing with Satou-sensei and Kitou-sensei, it’d be great to watch them become the disgustingly cute couple by the end of this show. Their affection toward each other is becoming so obvious that it’s crazy how oblivious they are of it.




  1. This is a great series. This is this season’s K-On. Run = Yui, Yuuko = Mio, Tooru = Azuna, and Nagi = Ritzu/Mugi. I love the way the characters are drawn and the OP and ED are great too.

  2. The nurse is seeming more and more like pedobear….

    Is karaoke in Japan kind of like bowling where you rent a room for so many hours and can do however many songs you want?

    1. At least where I live, you get a room to karaoke in. So, there’s small, medium, and large. The room you get is based on the amount of people in your party.

      You usually pay an hourly rate, and all karaoke places sell food and drink since the room charge isn’t enough to sustain their business.

      1. I find it interesting that Run likes Koraoke food
        From where I come from, the food they serve range from mediocre to very bad. That hasn’t stopped me from visiting though 🙂

        Seishun Otoko
  3. I got confused about the first sentence of the last paragraph. Was it Nagi or Yuuko? 😀

    Anyway, I agree that this was a pretty nostalgic episode since it reminded me of all those carefree things I did during vacation.

    1. I thought the same thing as well. So it’s most likely an error on Takaii’s part. It’s Nagi that’s obsessed with dieting, not Yuuko as she already has a perfect figure. :p

      Kinny Riddle
  4. I dunno, I kinda really like Satou-sensei. He seems like he’s just happy living life, going to karaoke, to summer festivals, just doing what he likes. He’s also very… honest with his feelings, he doesn’t care what people think about his clothes neither. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a pretty cool dude and a SatouxRun pairing is fine with me.

    1. Satou x Run would creep me out a little, just because of the whole student-teacher relationship thing. That said, I love it when Ono Daisuke plays a character who just goes with the flow of things since his voice is just so.. normal.

  5. There was an alarming lack of Miho and Yutaka this episode. I am not pleased! Still…they were in there though so that counts for something.

    Other than that, watching Yuuko sing her heart out almost stole the show, but sadly that was edged out by almost everything that happened at the festival.

  6. This episode i thought at first is kind of a filter episode, cause there’s not much happening, the karaoke is roughly half of the show. But then realized i’m completely missing the point here. This anime is mean to be relax.
    Getting nostalgic about Lucky Star…

  7. Tohru is really so cute this week as she struggles to resist singing in karaoke, yet when she sings she sings beautifully, and for a while Yuuki Midori lapses into her charming Madoka voice while doing so.

    I like the subtle flirting that Satou-sensei and Kitou-sensei were having near the end. And like I said previously, due to their seiyuus, I can’t help but think how funny yet cute it was to see Koizumi hitting on Nagato. lol

    BTW, I never knew you could hire a karaoke box for yourself. I may just try so myself one day, just for “practicing” without having to worry like poor Tohru about looking like an idiot while singing.

    Of course, I could always opt for the much affordable method of singing in a bucket. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  8. “Even though Yuuko already acknowledged that she looks fine the way she is, I get the feeling that this diet theme isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.”

    Think you meant Nagi here, just based on the context, no?

  9. “I don’t know about you, but I thought that Run had something planned when she caught Tooru being defeated by her small stature…”

    Yeah, I felt the same way… then nothing… I waited all episode for that odd concerned look on Run’s face to expose its meaning.

    I see this series is taking us through the litany of cliche Anime settings… Sometimes I wonder why I watch these slice of life shows. I was hoping this would have a bit more comedy than it does. Oh well, gotta finish what I started. A couple of these episodes have had me laughing fairly hard.

    1. The humor is pretty constant for me, sometimes hitting it out of the park. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who caught Run’s concerned look. I mean, I totally thought she was going to do something to raise Tooru’s spirits ya know?

      1. Exactly! I half expected her to pull out a small pair of high heels at the end, or to buy her a tall hat.

        Sometimes I wonder if in post-production, when they have 25 minutes of animation and they need to trim it down to 22 or 23, that they take stuff out without realizing there is still something in the show that references what they took out.

        That, or more realistically we have been so trained to try and find the slightest most subtle clues in Anime that any anomaly is an instant eye catcher. In a more lighthearted and plotless show like A-Channel, we may be taking it too seriously.

  10. I really never expected that aoi yuki to sing that good. But ono daisuke XD. lol

    It felt like a walk down memory lane, back during the times when life was still simple and everyone was worried about not growing up fast enough.

    I agree with this.

    When ever i see this anime , it always make me homesick and just like what you said.

  11. The pervert nurse is kinda ruining it for me. I don’t know, thoughts along those lines don’t really go well with the peaceful summer days of four cute (almost chibi looking) girls. T_T

    Otherwise, a fine episode. I agree with you Takaii, it did feel rather melancholic, even though I haven’t actually done any of the stuff seen here when I was a kid.

    1. I suppose I’m lucky that where I live, there’s a pretty large selection of things to do.
      But yeah, I understand that a lot of people won’t have the same experiences as me (or people in Japan for that matter).

      But it is cool when things leak over and you can share in the sentiments over what is “having fun.”

  12. i think i know the feeling… few summers ago, i was going beaches, internet cafe, dinner, karaoke and bars with friends…. now im abroad… improving my CV trying to get a good job :/ being “adult” sucks.


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